Forum Redesign - 8/12/21

I am looking forward to the Changes. I think this is definately a step in the correct direction. Clearing out the Ask-the-community by categories and including product tags inside the categories will make it easier to see what something is about.

Any method to eliminate the noise from the actual questions or issues would be great.

Looking forward to the changes.


I don’t see the “Captured on Wyze” section


I was about to say the same thing… you get an oops page not found. Some of my best creative content is on there :rofl: WYZE CAR First Jump with a Jump Scare (btw, that was not intended, didn’t account for the volume and headphones) .
I also need to check in on @Antonius ’s Raccoons, Possums, and roving cats… and make sure his Jameson is well stocked :beers:

Love the redesign also, was pondering this very thing the other day how it would be much easier to navigate and assist other members if the forum was broke down by product type

@carverofchoice I really like the follow idea, primarily for those of us who frequent the Beta forum and interact with the WYZE team.


I agree with @carverofchoice as well, the follow idea is something which would be a great benefit to the forum and individuals who interact with Wyze as @R.Good stated.


The forum redesign is horrible. Something as clear and straightforward as “Captured on Wyze” has disappeared, now where do I post videos I’ve recorded on my V3?
My latest post has been moved to “Lifestyle” what ever that is. When I tried to change the location of the post to “Camera” it won’t let me because I need to type in a tag but nothing I type is accepted.

Be calm and have some patience it will get sorted out

I for one will be glad to have a “Cameras Only” section, I only own their cameras and I am not interested in any other Wyze product they sell. And I only can assist others on camera questions so having all the other Wyze clutter out of the camera section will be great.


100% agree. Even though I’ve a bunch of the other stuff I waste little time on it.
I came for the cams, stayed for the cams and and the community support, plus @WyzeGwendolyn .


Am I missing something, or is there no way to get back to the main forum page ( ) without editing the current url, manually typing it in, or if you have a direct link saved for it?

That was it.

I am logging in on a Linux box, and don’t have a little house on your post. Any other suggestions?

That got it, thank you…

I just click the Hamburger menu and ‘latest’, but of course that’s for people who want everything. I actually have a bookmark for that in my favorites menu.

But you can get specific categories from the Hamburger menu, not just the Home page (note that ‘Home’ is not the home page on the Hamburger menu, it is a group for home products, like vacuums and thermostats.)


To get back to the main forum page just click on the word Forum at the top left , not on the dropdown list


It appears that different things work or are available on different pages…
BTW in my opinion having an obvious dropdown but expecting people to click the word and not the dropdown is poor design.

I’m on my kitchen faucet’s web page right now, and when I hover over “Service” I get a drop-down. But if I just click on Service, I get the service home page.

Captured on Wyze was always a low-traffic area. Because it involves cameras, that content was folded into the Camera section. :slight_smile:

For getting to the forum home page, I usually just click on the word Forum on desktop. I checked mobile and that isn’t working so I’ll flag the issue. Thank you for bringing it up!

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Ahhh… I see what you did there, and I kind of suspected that’s where it would be

Guess use event clips tag

The folks that frequented there did feel more like a tighter knit group. Maybe we can bring the fun to more?

Who doesn’t want to see a WYZE Car with a disco ball ridin’ dirty yea?

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn


You’re welcome! And that’s part of my hope with folding this in. I also just added a video tag to the tag group since not all clips will come from Events. I want everyone to get to check out the cool videos people share! :smiley:


Are you going to add the rest of the categories in the dropdown list , top left?

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