Forum needs improvement

don’t know if this has been suggested before but this forum needs some work. :slightly_smiling_face:

it would be highly beneficial if there were categories such as:

  • each individual product (camera, pan camera, bulb plug, etc)
  • Wyze app
  • general questions
  • ordering issues
  • etc.

there is just too many threads to look through containing topics that might not be of interest.


I could see some advantages to a reorganization

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100& agreed. I have cameras and no other products from Wyze (and no plans for any of them). It has gotten to where the forum is mostly other products that I have to poke through to find the ones of interest.

I agree. This is my third visit to the forms and I’m still trying to make some sense of it, I usually end up going in circles. Wyze has grown with all these great products, probably time for a little redesign of the forms to accommodate their success.

Seems like the typical forum setup and I don’t have any problems with it. People need to use the search functionality more often rather than take the easy way out. I still think there should be an off topic category but it would need to be enforced.
Just my 2¢

search is fine if you are looking to resolve a particular issue.

however, some people like to browse to learn from other posts or to see what problems some users are having.

or to read about problems and post a response.

this is going to damper peoples enthusiasm to answer questions if you have to wade through issues with orders (N95 masks!), posts concerning products you do not have, etc.

If everyone used the existing tags when starting new threads and searching it would work better but most, including me, are not used to doing that.

the average person who has never participated in forums has no clue what tags are or what they are used for.

and the way tags are used here border on the useless. if i create a new topic here are the only ones that are displayed:

  • android x1130
  • android-and-ios x202
  • ios x2
  • iphone-ipad x872
  • not-phone-specific x2841

it wasn’t until i selected one that i saw others appear in the list if i click on the list again. for example, i do not see wyze-cam in the list until i select not-phone-specific first. the contents of the list change!!

i had to add 4 tags in order to add wyze-sense as a test. and good luck if you want to add wyze-lock as a tag, i could not find it.

and what are the x-numbers after the tag, a phone extension? :slightly_smiling_face:

and this will only get worse as time goes on. i’ve used a bunch of forums in my day and this one is pretty bad has far as segregating topics.

I see what you mean. It is a bit of a mess.

I think the x### is the number of threads with the specified tag.