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Sorry for the late reply. I just got around to this. Cookies are deleted, as stated in one of my earlier posts, when that site’s tab(s) are closed or when the browser is closed. Opening up another tab from a site still retains the original cookies from the initial site. Sorry to say, your statement is incorrect.

You are going to have to define what you mean by “weird”. None of my browser’s extensions are what I would call weird. In fact, many of those extensions are use by hundreds of thousands of users.

Harry, I’m surprised you haven’t made your forum profile private. Scrapers never sleep, y’know. :wink:

I’ll leave the coders are lazy to another discussion. I’ve supervised good and bad, lazy and not.

The error you are seeing is a Discourse error. I don’t know if they provide user support to their client’s users or not. The single sign-on is handled by a plugin. It’s interesting that the auth token from the main Wyze site seems to work for you, but the login through here doesn’t work on Discourse. I could speculate a few guesses, but that’s all they would be.

You might want to see if Discourse will provide any wisdom on their site. May be a long shot, but worth a try.

Thank you Mike for your instructive information. But it is up to Wyze, Discourse’s client, to report this problem to them. I rarely use the Forum, so it’s not worth it to me to try to fix other people’s mistakes. I was just reporting this problem so that Wyze is both aware of the problem and for them to try to get Discourse to repair the bug. The latter will probably not happen.

Now, let’s discuss Wyze’s millennial attitude towards using their product. I still can’t figure out if the dark areas selected on the detection page is included or not included in the detection area.I seem to get notifications both within the darken areas and outside the darken areas. I guess that I’m old school when it comes to manuals. I’m one of the few people who reads the entire manuals when I purchase a product.

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Anybody else seeing some UI issues with this latest Discourse forum update?

The topic slider bar doesn’t work for me now. Android 11. Screenshot below.

Mods have contact w\ the Discourse Devs to report this? There are a couple of other issues, but they are aesthetic more than functional.


I just tested with Android 13 and Android 9 and checked Chrome and the special “Wyze Forum App” and it is working for me on both. :man_shrugging:

I don’t have Android 11 to test with right now though.

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IOS Discourse app works fine on that slider bar.

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I think my phone has been punched one too many times. Now in concussion protocol until cleared by the league.

Working w\ reboot.

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Fifty years ago your phone might have had a future as a greeter at a Vegas casino. These days it’s looking downright presidential. :upside_down_face:


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I believe there was an update to the forum around 10/18/22…

Since then I have not been receiving any notifications on topics I’m “watching”…

I just received this one via email, so it seems to be sending out some notifications. Maybe they changed the criteria?

I have not seen the issue reported by others and I personally am receiving my watched post emails. Please post again if the issue continues.

Last time I received notifications was on the 16th of this month, 10/16/2022.
It was working great! It would pop up a notification from the app on my phone.

Oh, we’re talking about in-app notifications. Which app are you talking about? Wyze app? Discourse app? Chrome? Have you checked the notification settings? Perhaps they got changed? (I’m not an Android user, so sorry, no help on these settings)

It’s the Wyze App.
Nothing has changed on my end as far as I can tell. I should be receiving Notifications.
Also, I’m not receiving email notifications either.

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Discourse felt compelled to inform me. Sez I ‘earned’ it. :slight_smile: