Wyze purchase process improvements needed

I, for one (or actually a great many honest customers) would like to see “some major improvements” with Wyze’s purchase process. The recent DEBACLE with the Scooter Offering was more than disappointing; it was UNETHICAL!

An item already in your cart cannot disappear in under 4 seconds unless something DISHONEST HAPPENED! Shame on Wyze.


Completely agree… It was really shady, I was upset with this gimmick, believe there may have been only 1 scooter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and some bot made the purchase for $99

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I believe that the customer base that Wyze has Accumulated needs to take a hard look at how this company does business, their business, ethics and practices before investing a great deal of money and their supposed great products.

Product quality, reliability, after sales support, and addressing peoples issues with either hardware, firmware, or software.