Tried to review the Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Tried to review the Wyze Cordless Vacuum, but was blocked by Wyze moderators both times because they were negative. No profanity, just said what I thought bad about the Wyze Cordless Vac. This is how Wyze maintains good reviews. Not with good products, but with control over what is said about their products. Shame on you Wyze for deceptive marketing practices.

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Hi Henry,

Were the reviews blocked here on the forum, or was it the Wyze website? On the forum, we do not censor negative comments about Wyze unless they violate the Community Guidelines.

I would imagine the policy for reviews on the Wyze website is the same, but since the forum moderators are not involved with that, I honestly don’t know what the process is over there. However, when I look at the Wyze Cordless Vacuum product page, I see 103 one-star and 117 two-star reviews. So it would seem that the negative reviews are not being filtered out.

If you can provide more info about where and when you attempted to post the review, I’d like to look into what happened.


I believe that selective censorship does happen with almost every company it’s part of the marketing strategy

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No, not on this forum, but on the Wyze website. I know companies do what they do, but Im just letting people know that the reviews on their site are bogus, and should not be used when deciding to buy a Wyze product. I guess, if someone is going to have a review mechanism on their site, it should be honest, otherwise its just a big lie, and that makes people distrust them, so they should get what they deserve in a free market.

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Wyze uses a 3rd party company to moderate reviews, and are only instructed to filter inappropriate ones, and not negative ones. I think they use a bot, and there have been issues in the past where it has blocked reviews if they use “stronger” language. Maybe try rewording your review and see if it allowed you to submit it again.

Henry, I don’t see that in the reviews, really. There are over 100 one-star reviews and several of them are pretty scathing.
I think @IEatBeans is correct; auto-moderating bots can be funky and sometimes just a pattern incorrectly kicks out posts. I belong to a forum that virtually every post I made was 2nd level review because the bot kicked them out. That requires actual humans to intervene, though.

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