Wyze product review moderation

I received a mail from Wyze to write a product review for the Garage door controllers I bought some time ago. I have been having nothing but problem with the product. When I wrote that - Wyze sent a mail saying “it did not meet website guidelines” so we are not posting.

Here the review I wrote:

Good potential - not ready for prime time
It looked like a great product - but cumbersome how it handles with camera. But there are major issues - it often cannot sense if the door is open or closed. The app interface is the worst you can imagine. It’s just an add on to the camera. If you think you are buying a garage door controller you would be wrong. You are buying a V3 camera and some patch work added on top of that to attempt to make garage door work. I have 2 of them - one is OK, the other one would not work. I cannot recommend this product. It needs lot of work by Wyze to make it ready for consumers. The online or phone or email support is also pitiful. Basically non-existing.


Unfortunately, one person that reviewed your review, does not represent the company’s leadership opinion. I like Wyze. I think they stand for honesty. I want to believe that if one of the seniors in management had seen this, they would have said, “post it regardless”.

I guess in more blunt words, the lower level employee that took issue with your comment is not in charge. Likely should not have turned it down. I see nothing in your comment that would not meet guidelines other than its not a 100% positive review.

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Exact same thing happened to me a while back with an objective but somewhat negative review.

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I have many Wyze products - about 6+ cameras, door locks, and now the Garage door controller. I have been happy with most products. But Gararge door controller has been an issue.

It may be some lower level employee has decided negative product ratings are not good for them and decided not to post it. But I would think, they should have strict guidelines on making sure negative reviews are especially treated with sensitivity.

They should have given me an opportunity to appeal this. But no such option. I cannot even respond, since it came from an email address that does not accept replies.

Anyway it is disappointing.

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I just got an email to submit a review for the Room Sensor… I completed it.

Anyone have any idea where to find and view it? Wouldn’t want anyone to think Wyze is cherry picking reviews.

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Probably related:

Indeed it is. And helpful.

So, what I found was that I could not find any reviews for the Room Sensors… Even though I wrote one. Perhaps they just don’t have enough positive ones yet.:thinking::yum:

I see where the rating system populates:

It doesn’t populate for the Room Sensor:


Why are there some things that can’t be reviewed?


Wyze responded to one of my less glowing reviews:

Response from Wyze:
WyzeFrancis · 35 minutes ago
Hello! Have you reached out to our Wizards team (https://support.wyze.com/) so we could discuss your concerns? If not, could you please send us a message so we can better understand what your concerns are and try to help.

But, there is no link to send Francis a reply back and the email I received cannot receive replies:

@wyzefrancis doesn’t exist here in the forum.

Francis’ online review reply is useless and without any value. If I did already contact support why would I then do it again so they can “better understand my concerns”. It is a fire-and-forget reply without any helpful information or useful avenue for remedy.

So… Here is the message Wyze: Close the communication misdirection black hole. Customer Support is not Tech Support. Quit dumping everything into the same ineffective CS pipeline hoping they will sift out all the chaff.

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Interesting - I went to Garge Door Controller product updates and looked at the reviews - there were 29 one star reviews. I wanted to see what others wrote that was acceptable - guess what the latest review was mine - so Wyze did post it - then why did they send me the mail saying it did not meet their guidelines? Did they post it after I posted here on this forum???


I have posted mine on Amazon for the most part.

Hopefully there’s a bit of an ombudsman relationship there.

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I would… If I had bought it there. I mostly buy my Wyze gear directly from Wyze or from Home Depot. The only thing I have bought from Amazon recently is a 4 pack of plugs.

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What you bring up about the reviews I’ve heard before, so it is totally valid. Not sure what their guidelines are. But I’d like to dive into actually helping you. I don’t work for Wyze, I’m just a fellow user like yourself trying to help out in this particular forum. Luckily this forum doesn’t censor unless you get out of control. Bad reviews? Meh.

So let’s see if we can fix this. What you describe above sounds like the controller needs calibration, or can’t see the QR code adequately – either too far away, or too dark. Is any of this possible? Maybe you can still fix it. Calibration is done under Camera settings >Accessories > Garage Door Controller > QR Code Detection > QR Code Calibration. Note the QR code has to be affixed to the garage door, and be easily visible 24 hours a day (the camera’s Night Vision with IR lights works).

Post a picture of the camera’s view of the QR code.

So no response when calling this?

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Wyze. Their phone number is (206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.

They’re open for support between 4 am-8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Easter Sunday.


@Newshound, First Class reply. Nicely done.


Thanks, I will take any help I can get on this. I talked to the support after a long time, they told me to send a log so they can contact their engineering team. I did send the log to them. No response yet.

Here is the issue. I have two garage doors with independent openers and now the Wyze controller on each of them. The QR code is placed on the door such a way the cameras cannot see the other QR code.

One of the works well. The other always says it’s open. I have reset the camera, I have re-calibrated and have moved the QR code around. Nothing worked. It’s still reporting open all the time. Yes I can open and close with the app, but it always reports open. I have set it to close at 10:00p, so every night I get the error message trying to close failed. But I can see the garge controller triggers (I can see the opener light).

Both the cameras & hardware have same firmware.

I will call support again in a day or two and see if I can get someone else who can help me.


Can you post a camera view from each? At least an hour after sundown if possible. Maybe 10 PM.

You are right; if one can’t see the other’s QR code, then there should be no issue from that. So on the surface, if 2 QR codes aren’t visible in the malfunctioning opener’s view, then it sounds like that opener is bad. But best to see a view first.

‘Open all the time’ is an indication is can’t see the QR code where it expects to find it.

In the meantime, I would discontinue the rule that says close the garage door at 10PM, because without the proper QR code feedback it may leave the garage door open all night.

Hmm…. I thought doing re-calibration is to make sure the QR code can be “seen”. I will make some more adjustments. May be it’s too much reflection from the boards next to the QR code.

Thanks! Hopefully your Garage Door Controller firmware is also at

If these are from the Home tab, then I think the Home tab is only accurate as of the last update – so when you last entered that specific camera. Beyond that, is the camera near your garage door opener?

Actually, I think you have stumbled across an instance of the old “call me if you need me, but don’t need me” gag.

All [positive] feedback welcome. Other feedback will be mysteriously misplaced… :thinking:

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There have been increased reports of moderated negative feedback. Haven’t seen a report of moderated positive feedback. :man_shrugging:

IMO, it should only be moderated if it is offensive or not civil. Not sure how it works w\ Wyze. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that they outsource that too.

Sounds suspiciously like Maricopa County adjudicating ballots… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Please set me straight if Wyze observes a different standard, but aren’t most apps & firmware with versions beginning with 0. technically considered developmental releases?

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