Wyze product review moderation

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I left a similar review expressing some of my issues with the Video Doorbell (frequent disconnects, Wyze refusing to address the 3/3 Authentication bug, etc.) basically just warning users to not update it until the firmware .060 had been fixed. I tried to be tactful, I wasn’t angry when I wrote it, but I felt like the slew of 4 and 5 star reviews was indeed misleading and it made me feel like I was the only person who was having issues, when in reality EVERYONE was having these issues per the forums. My review was also deleted as it “did not meet guidelines”. So it feels like censorship to me as well, and that makes sense why the only reviews posted were 4 and 5 star reviews.


Exactly my experience. Ive tried 3 times:
Ive tried to post this negative review of the spotlight kit and it keeps getting rejected for
“violating the terms,” and then for “it did not meet all our website guidelines.”

Each time I have made it shorter and removed whatever might be offending them.

There are many posts criticizing the buggy spotlight. Mine seems no worse than any others.

Any thoughts why the below is getting rejected?

Has never worked, doesn’t get recognized by cam.
First of all, I have a LOT of other wyze products. This one simply did not work. I bought a spotlight and I followed all the suggestions on this page and the support pages, reset cam, reset light, logged out/in to the app, used 2 new high power USB chargers, new USB cables, etc. It flashes 3 times and is never be recognized. I see this problem is being reported a lot in reviews here and on other sites. Really wish I had looked at reviews first, because the negative one star reviews would have kept me away.

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Careful or someone will say that you just hate Wyze products. The Fanboys don’t want us to post anything bad about Wyze.

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What’s there bad about Wyze to post? You point me to one non-fly-by-night North American company that has all the features that you want, at the price point that everyone can afford.

Wyze has it’s shortcomings when it comes to software/hardware integration, but you point me to one other company that does not have it (besides Apple, but that is totally different story). Even my +$50K Mitsubishi needs to go the shop once in a while.

You get what you pay for my friend, You have issues, bring them on and will try and fix them.

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I tried to find out why my review was deleted and was told

" Thanks for reaching out. We have a moderation team that reviews all submissions that come through. They are not available through support or social media channels and we are unable to determine why a review may have been moderated."

So they get to remove negative reviews, wont tell you why and there is no way to find out why.
This sounds like they are censoring and suppressing negative reviews on purpose. This sounds like possible class action material for false representation of their products and suppressing customer comments and views.

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Wyze has a history of falsely advertising their products. They’re still showing a picture for the Floodlight that is incorrect, even though they admitted it was wrong but still haven’t removed it. And their Air Purifier still shows a picture of the app graph with AQI dots every hour, which it never did. Then there is the AI that doesn’t label all the things they say it does. So removing negative reviews just follows along with their Chinese business model.

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Part of the problem is we do not do the moderation. It is done by a third party company and I personally am not sure what they use to deny reviews. I have some guesses they filter for specific words but apart from that I am not sure.

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