Cant purchase garage door opener

I have not been able to order a garage door controller only. Seems Wyze is not making it a priority to restock. I have alerted Wyze, many weeks ago, and requested they simply sell me one from the kits they do have in stock. So seems like a way for Wyze to pressure one into buying a camera as well. I have already purchased the camera separately. ???

I’m going to be brief. I don’t use the Wyze GDC. However, I have heard this explained before this thread. 'Just any old Wyze camera" will not work with the Wyze GDC. That’s why they sell them as a kit. The GDC cam has shielding in the pigtail to reduce/eliminate interference. Can’t even properly use an extension (to gain distance) between cam and controller.

Its a v3.

check your local walmart. ive noticed them at a couple near me. just make sure you are looking at WYZE and not the Roku partnership. get wyze and not roku.