Garage door controller offline

I’ve had the Wyze garage controller for over a year. I’ve used it to open the garage maybe 8 times. Now it shows offline, and I hear a clicking sound in the speaker of the camera(v3).

I reset power several times, but it stays offline. I deleted it and reinstalled, still offline. I disconnected the camera, and tried it without the garage door controller. It fired up and works fine on its own.

So it appears that the controller module is the culprit. Tech support said to try a new controller $19.

They have been sold out for 2 months, and nobody knows when they will be back in stock. But they have plenty with another camera($50). For me it’s not a warranty issue, but I don’t need another camera.

When will the controllers alone be back in stock? Please help.

I think you best take what you can get and get the controller and cam, as this is PERSONAL OPINION ONLY.

Any thing that is not a camera, is toast and done… They won’t be restocked. AGAIN THIS IS PERSONAL OPINION… I am purchasing up any and all items I want so that I have them… This is based on posts about “refocusing on all things camera” etc. around here… and various items slowly evaporating in stores…

So if you want the garage controller either get the one with the camera, sell the camera on Ebay or someplace or keep as a spare.

Try cycling power to it. If that helps, report it o the product can be improved. :slight_smile:

Yes I power cycled, and I left it off for 24 hours, all to no avail.