Garage Door Controller “offline” in Google Home

My Wyze Garage Door Controller shows as “offline” in Google Home. See attached screen cap.

Note that I can control it just fine in the Wyze app.

All other Wyze devices appear normal/online in Google Home.

To troubleshoot this, I have:

  1. Unlinked Wyze from Google Home and relinked.

  2. Power cycled the Garage Door Controller.

It’s still shows offline in Google Home and I can’t control it from Google Home.

Anyone have suggestions??


Same exact issue here… did you figure it out?

Same issue for me. In the Wyze app I can see the garage cam just fine and open and close the garage door, but the garage door is always offline in the Google Home app. All other cams and devices work fine in Google Home, it’s only the garage door that always shows offline

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Same issue. In addition, the Google voice commands for opening or closing don’t work for me.

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Same issue for me. Began after the April firmware update. Worked perfectly prior.

Same here, I used to love using the Google Home Voice Assistant to operate the garage door, but as of late 8/10 Google home recognizes the Garage door as offline.

It works 2 of 10 times, but most of the time it does not.

Definitely recent, maybe a firmware update.

You got this back running yet. I’ve posting on another stream here Garage door controller has Google issues since latest firmware update. The beta firmware worked for me and I an now open/close and get a status from Google.

And one more thing that kept me from moving forward. Just because the red box outlines the QR. Go ahead and do another calibration just to make sure. That was the final step that got me back online.

So what’s the latest on this, guys? I just got a FW update yesterday (4.36.104054), and it still doesn’t work.

I am having the same issue. Can not control the Wyze Garage Controller from either Google Assistant or Alexa. Stand alone the Wyze app works fine but it would be nice to control it via voice using one of the two above. It seems like the Wyze SW update broke it. Any idea, update on when this may be resolved? Are others having it work fine or is it isolated to a few?

I filed a support ticket w/Wyze and, predictably, they told me to take it up with Google. And so they washed their hands.

After setting a pin in the Wyze app, I’ve had almost no issues.

And how do you do that please? I couldn’t find any setting to that effect.

Alright, so I had to re-start everything from scratch, going so far as to uninstall the Wyze app, and clear Google Home’s cache. Now it works, but boy, was it a grueling enterprise!

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Just to be more specific: my Garage Door Controller does show up in Google Home (GH), and I can open and close the garage door from GH, however, the camera that is part of the garage door assembly does not show up in GH. Is it supposed to?

Edit: apparently no, the Garage Door Controller camera cannot be streamed to GH, at least not according to Wyze product support:

(9:34:58 AM) Cristian: My Garage Door Controller does show up in Google Home (GH), and I can open and close the garage door from GH, however, the camera that is part of the garage door assembly does not show up in GH. Is it supposed to?
(9:35:34 AM) King : I see. Actually, you can only navigate the controller but you cannot view the live stream of the device on it.
(9:36:09 AM) Cristian: Hmm, okay. Please make sure you specify this fact in the FAQs!
(9:36:24 AM) Cristian: it would save people a lot of time

And that is interesting, seeing how the camera live stream can be seen in the Wyze app, as well as on Live stream - Wyze.

Issue with 2nd Garage door controller and Google Home.
the first controller shows as Closed (or Open when open)
the second controller shows as Offline (Much like the screen shot posted by braband)
In the Wyze App, the first controller shows
Garage Door Cam
(Garage is closed)
the second controller shows
3rd Car Cam
(Garage door Controller)
I tried recalibrating the QR Code, restarting the Controller, restarting the Camera…no luck…

Has anyone else had the same issue with a 2nd garage controller and Google Home?

I had the same issue after my initial install. I had to remove it from google home, uninstall it from the wyze app, then reinstall it in the wyze app, and then finally it worked when in google home.

But now I have an issue when I return home after a day’s work google home says it cannot open the garage door. Does anyone have an answer for that?

When I tried to use this feature, it was very intermittent to the point I could not rely on it day-to-day. So I don’t even think about using it any more. It’s sad really… The Wyze app is so slow to open and connect. Then, it’s a bit clumsy to find the cam page to open the door. There really should be an easier way to do it… but I haven’t found one that’s reliable.