D O N E with WYZE: Rejected my 5-Star Review!

Took my valuable time writing a THOUGHTFUL review with pros/cons and gave some good tips for new users, based on my experience with the vacuum.

WYZE Rejected my FIVE-STAR review for not meeting their standards. What?

Maybe didn’t like the tips I gave??? IDK…

THIS has Turned Me OFF on anything WYZE!!! Forever!!
I’m even a CamPlus subscriber and been a customer for more than 3 years.
I’ve even recommended Wyze to people in person, but of course, NOT ANYMORE!

Starting NOW, my smart things are coming from SimpliSafe, who hopefully will value their customers and 5-star reviews.

As I’m writing this, a pop-up on the right side shows me I am NOT the only one this happened to.

D O N E & DISAPPOINTED with WYZE!! Was someone there having a bad day and took it out on my review? Also UNsubscribing from Wyze YouTube channel. D O N E ! ! !

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That would be frustrating.

For what it is worth, it wasn’t actually Wyze that rejected your review. They use a third party review company to manage all of that, and the company uses some automations to look for things it fears could subject them to legal problems for allowing publication of certain things.

For example, a while ago, one reviewer was talking about a product dying or some form of the word die or death, and the review company automatically denied the review just in case what was in there could be something like a threat or some other legal publication liability issue someone could sue them over for allowing it to be published. When Wyze found out, they reached out to the company to try to fix the situation.

The point is that Wyze makes an effort to allow all reviews, even ones that are 1 star or complaints or anything, and I am sure they really appreciate your thoughtful efforts for a review. The rejection was absolutely nothing personal, and probably did not involve a person even reading and making that decision at all. It was not an employee having a bad day, nor did it actually involve any Wyze employee directly. I believe it was the AI from the 3rd party company making a bad detection with their filters. Maybe some random word in the review, even though you didn’t use any bad words or anything, like I said, it seems the third party company has some other random filters it checks against too, and once in a while something perfectly good like your review gets filtered. If Wyze knew, they would likely love for your review to be approved, and probably talk to the contracted company to try to make further improvements as they have done in the past. I can definitely see how frustrating that would be though.

Best of luck either way. Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.


Thank you for the explanation. Appreciate it. Won’t be wasting my time writing another review…on ANYTHING Wyze. Their loss. Huge turnoff. Maybe Wyze should wise up and re-evaluate their AI screening service. Wish I had a copy of what I wrote, but I didn’t see any reason it’d be rejected.

Thanks again for the quick response and the thorough explanation!! Much appreciated!!


Hopefully your post will be helpful for them to see there are still some problems to work out and it will help them to further evaluate how to improve that situation. I do know there are employees like WyzeJasonJ who read through all of these posts and pass on feedback to the appropriate teams, so rest assured that you will be heard by people at Wyze.

I believe you that your post didn’t have anything in it that should’ve been rejected. It is a shame we won’t get to see your tips and recommendations. I also have one of these handheld vacuums and enjoy reading ideas and such that others share, but I totally understand how this experience would be a turn off from trying again any time soon, if ever.

If I’m involved in further discussions with employees about things they can do to improve customer experiences, I will be sure to reference your situation to them as well since yours is a really good example of something they should try to fix…obviously they wouldn’t want a good thoughtful, helpful, 5 star review and happy customer to be offended and upset in this way to make things turn opposite. I think your experience will help demonstrate to them the effect this issue can have, why it matters and why it should be addressed more. I think your thoughts will be very helpful, so again, thank you for sharing. Your time is also much appreciated and may have a good positive impact for the future. :slight_smile:


Wow! Thank you! I really do feel heard!! Just knowing I will be helping to straighten out the AI glitches made all this worth it. I wouldn’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else, although it already has. As of yesterday, I was going to let it go. But now I’m glad I didn’t!! I certainly understand it takes time to iron out all the glitches in any system, and feel confident Wyze will do so in time.

Your responses have helped restore my faith in Wyze because I realize now it was not intentional and no one was having a bad day…LOL. To the contrary, Wyze employees seem very happy!! Thank you again for your logical and detailed explanation!

(Suggestion…maybe Wyze can put a disclaimer banner on the forum webpage about the AI screening that sometimes makes mistakes.)


This happens with Youtube reviews. Pro and Cons with a thoughtful review to be deleted. I had made a complaint with Youtube and Agree…Done with Wyze.

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I apologize, I am a few days behind and getting caught up so I just came across this thread. As was pointed out we use a third party to manage these reviews and there have been reports of people getting reviews rejected. I will forward the info on to the proper people inside and let them know we need to take a closer look at how they are doing the decisions on rejecting reviews.


See? I didn’t even need to tag WyzeJasonJ in this case to call him in here! He’s been really reliable and making a big effort with the forums, etc. and I knew he would get here and get this feedback and pass it on to the appropriate people. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason for everything you’ve been working on since you took over the forums.

Thanks again LAWoman for taking the time to report this sad situation and share your experience so it could be further looked into to make good improvements. :+1:


Appreciate the concern and response from all of you…Thanks!
Happy to hear it will be looked into.