Really! You review your reviews!

Hahaha they review reviews! That’s absolutely makes me fell fantastic. Git something to hide Wyze? Of course you do.

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Hey @rinkrat3030

Just curious, is this a result of posting to this forum through the app? Or posting a review to the app page on Google Play? Or?

Was their any profanity, politics, religion, ad hominem, etc., in review?

Cheers, peep

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No profanity. Just truth! I would put in a report and not hear back from anyone for weeks! Not days and then it would be someone completely different telling me they where taking over the report and start from square one again. I would respond and then wait days to weeks before someone would bother replying. I just gave up :thinking:

Ah, formal reviews on the product page, didn’t even know they existed. Looks like they’re mediated (and maybe moderated) through Bazaarvoice. Different standards than here, apparently, where you can say whatever you like. :man_shrugging:

If you’re not beyond seeking further help, the forum regulars usually promote phone support as the preferred channel:

(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT



I’m way past receiving any help from wyze for this product. First time I reached out to them we had 16 inches of snow and the temperature was -14 and the left me out in the cold. I could go on with a really long drawn out story but it’s not worth the time. The thermostat has some great features but the one I have will not stay connected more then a week and now will not make the Bluetooth handshake required for the restart. It’s junk! Maybe it’s my unit but I highly doubt it given the amount of bad reviews for the same problem on every page that sales it. Just disappointed that I was nice enough to purchase 99% of everything they had to offer through the pandemic to help them out and I can’t get a simple replacement without months of emails. The last email literally being around 3 months after I told them not to bother the first time around.

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Yeah, that sucks indeed, I get the frustration.

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