Wyze in-app "SUPPORT" is an AI automated JOKE!

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While recently voicing criticism regarding regularly-absent detections from my V2 AND V3 cameras, in order to attest to the fact that I’m not a habitual complainer, I added laudatory testimony to great virtues and performance of my Wyze Watch 47. Oops! NOT SO FAST! About the middle of September, I noticed what was not a one-time problem:

Although my iPhone is ALMOST NEVER far from my hands, which are never far from my Wyze Watch 47, THE TEMPERATURE DOES NOT UPDATE, unless and until you refresh the connection on the Watch portion of the Wyze app. I went to Wyze Support within the app to “Submit a Log”. Although I was encouraged by them displaying Log ID: 309322, when I followed further instructions to report it to Wyze Support, my experience reminded me of the identical experience with the last disaster when asking them for help. Repeated asked to describe my issue, it then produced a response that had nothing to do with my issue.

Your problem is routed, apparently by AI (Artificial Intelligence software), to automated cookie-cut responses that give you speculative and general answers that prove that it’s not monitored by a human. Next, it asks, “Was this answer helpful?”, and WHATEVER YOUR RESPONSE IS, you get another automated non-responsive answer. From then on, you’re led in circles, being shown the same “answer” and question. Insult to injury, in that Wyze is not only not solving your problem, but they’re wasting more of your time, in a frustrating Customer-No-Service routine. I’ve uploaded 4 screen grabs made during the fiasco.

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Id give them a call on the phone. You may have to be on hold for a tad but ive had waaay better results calling than doing the QandA.