Wyze Blocked My Air Purifier Review

So Wyze sent me an email to do a review of my Air Purifier. I was completely honest about my displeasure with how they advertised that the app does something that it doesn’t do. And so Wyze then blocked my review. Guess they only want positive reviews, to give a false impression about how great their products are. Not cool Wyze!

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Can you show a screenshot of the denial message?

It is my understanding that Wyze contracts out the review stuff through another company and instructs them not to censor negative reviews as long as they aren’t explicit or potentially violating the law in some way.

There was a recent incident where the contacted company automatically filtered out a review someone wrote for using some version of the weird die in the review. Apparently the company has some words that are automatically filtered by default to reduce the rush off the company being liable for publishing something that they could be expected not to allow or face potential fines or lawsuits for permitting it.

Chances are that your review simply got auto flagged by the contractor for some word that was in their filter list. You can submit a new negative review without that word (whatever it was that caused it to be denied). Wyze does not censor reviews for being negative, you can find both positive and negative reviews on the site for any device. Same with the forum, they allow people to complain or be negative in here as long as they don’t attack another person or get vulgar it abusive in some way.

But they have most definitely told the review company to allow negative reviews. It probably just autoflagged one of the words you used just like happened to another reviewer recently who used the word die (this is just an example, I am not saying you used that word, but there could be other words they are screening for that did this automatically). Here was Wyze’s response:


Anyway, you’re welcome to leave an honest negative review still. As they said, they have no intention of silencing critical feedback.


“Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!”

This is what they said. I never used vulgar language or used the word “die”, but I was brutally honest. I’m not sure what words triggered them to block my review, as I didn’t save a copy of what I wrote.

Don’t know where I can leave a new review, can’t find a review section.

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