Censored by Wyse

Before I rate it, I have to receive it. Why ask for review before it ships?

This was censored by wyze. Are reviews heavily censored?

Factual information and honest question. Something wrong with stating facts? Censored not even a bad review.

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They don’t censor bad reviews, but you have to review the product itself. If you haven’t received it yet, wait until you get it to review it.


Ok, yet, is that a reason to reject a review? Maybe they regularly remove bad reviews? We don’t know. Their error for sending out requests to review products they have not shipped. Great coverup.

I’ve seen critical and negative reviews on their site. And yes, I’ve gotten the ‘please review’ email before I received my order. I think their alogrithm for sending those reminder emails gets thrown off with shipping delays. But they will deny reviews if it is not a review of the actual product, since they’re asking specifically for product reviews and not transaction reviews or reviews on shipping.

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