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Mr. peeps, the sad thing is that people feel compelled to write nasty posts about issues that they are experiencing, and the reason for that pent-up anger is not a result of equipment failure as much as it is the result of no action on the part of the company. I don’t believe that I have ever posted a scathing review, but I do hold the company feet to the fire. They are never reluctant to take the money, but some of the requests that I’ve read are like four years old, that’s totally ridiculous.

Anyway peepers , you can take my place in the nice guy line. I still buy products from the company but I do so with great trepidation.

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We do what we can. What else can we do? :wink:


May he who made you, grade you

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Wishlist priorities & progress

I would like to see a monthly or bimonthly Reddit or Discord live chat on various tech topics on the wishlist/roadmap including Cam capability, Sensors, Rules, Top Votes,

The coffee chats with some show & tell that Dave had with some of the tech crew a while back were very helpful …

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Selecting “Wishlist Search” Optional Tags for Wishlist item status…

" Check the Status We plan to update the status with locked tags so that you know where your request is in the pipeline. The tags we’ll be using are:…"

Is there an easy way to search for these tags rather than having to remember them?
Maybe add a heatmap of the frequently selected tags that we can add select. I did not see these in the optional tags dropdown, I had to search to find them in the How “Wishlists Works”

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I’m not sure I completely understand, but here a couple of things;

  1. If you click the hamburger menu, then the Wishlist category, the How to Use the Wishlist topic is pinned at the top. That’s a quick way to get to the definitions of the tags.

  2. If you click on your profile > Preferences > Notifications > Tags, you can add all the wishlist and roadmap specific tags to be watched and notified when they are used.

Note that these special tags will not appear in a dropdown for adding a tag to a topic since they may only be used/changed by staff.


Maybe it’s just the mobile version, but I can’t find the year items are posted. It may also be intentional to hide how long requests are being progressed on an overall basis.


The year is available and works the same on mobile web (Safari) and desktop. I’ll use mobile screenshots below.

When viewing a date in the upper right corner of a post, there is a subtle indication of whether it is current or past year. Specifically, if there is an apostrophe before the number after the month, it indicates the year. If there’s no apostrophe, it indicates the day of the month. In the iOS screenshot below, “Nov '18” indicates the post was from November 2018. If the apostrophe had been missing, it would have indicated Nov 18th of the current year.

I understand the apostrophe is tiny and hard to see. We have asked our forum provider (Discourse) to just put the full year there, but nothing has changed (at least so far). Here are a couple of other hints that may help (especially on mobile)…

If you tap on any of these dates, an overlay will pop up which displays the full date and time and a handy link to the specific post. Here’s what that looks like:

Also, at the bottom of the screen, there is a post scroll counter:

If you tap on that, it will bring up a full scroll bar for the topic on the the right side. (This scroll bar is always present without clicking on the desktop web version of the site). This shows you the month/year of the first and last posts and lets you scroll to any section of the topic:

Hope that helps.


UPDATE: I just found a way to make the site display the dates in YYYY format instead of 'YY.

So this should no longer be an issue going forward. Hope everyone likes the change.


Looks good! :+1: Verified via app and browser.


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why is the roadmap now private or missing?

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Wyze is moving to a new wishlist system. You can read about it here:


Roadmap can now be found by going here:

Then clicking on “In Progress”

Those will be the ones that were “Roadmap” before because they were in progress and being worked on.

Items that were in the Roadmap but “Launched” will now be in “Wishes Granted”



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I would like to see spot on the user profile that allows you to select what products and how many of each you currently own and what products you would like to get in the future.


That’s a good idea, but I don’t think Discourse will be adding that, nor would Wyze admins wish to maintain it. But you can manually type that info into your user profile in the “About me” section complete with formatting features today. Many here have already done so.