Forum Etiquette and Community

Wyze has their formal statement on this.

I’ve read it. Long ago, like I read the CA Drivers’ Manual.

I don’t refer to either very often because after many years I (think I) know how to ‘drive’ - in actual practice versus theory.

This aligns with the idea in the CA manual of the rules flexing to meet the demands of weather conditions and ‘flow of traffic’ - so if you’re in compliance to the letter, in certain situations you’re actually not.

You’re trusted to use your best judgment as a licensed driver. Good.

With respect to the Forum, I think the Mods and Staff would prefer you keep everything tight and on-topic. By-the-manual, like. But they also trust your judgment to adjust to conditions, the flex, of the ‘road’ and its peoples.

Also good.

Because a forum is dynamic. It’s alive.

And can be quite the nice drive overall. :slight_smile:

This topic

Continues the discussion from Forum Feedback Thread!

which is long and wide but worth a gander. Many good tips lurk in there.

Here’s the issue that moved me to write this Topic.

What I think:

  • Topics exist in the Public Square. They don’t really belong to the Original Poster (OP) they are shared by them with the community.

  • While Open and unsolved, I think the OP has the right, and maybe the soft duty, to make suggestions to users about how topic-tight - or loose - they’d prefer it to be. It should be satisfying to them.

  • When a Topic is Solved (or abandoned) it is not Closed - it’s open to extension and elaboration by the community.

What I think, like I said.

How 'bout you? :slight_smile:

Largely agreed, with the note that nothing matters as long as people are civil and, even better, kind. If something seems off topic or you don’t get the joke, move on instead of clogging up moderator time. Maybe people are having fun, or maybe they are speaking about something you simply don’t understand. Moderators should only have to worry about bad behavior.

In my opinion.

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Kind is key.

That’s the quick of it, I think.

And be bold. Risk it. :slight_smile:


Kindness is Kinky!

Where’d you get those fancy clothes?
Where’d you get those, goodness knows,
Just show some civility,
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me,

I don’t need no luxuries,
‘Long as you are understandin’,
I’m not difficult to please,
Act nice and gentle to me,

I am the kinda guy who,
Likes to take you as I found you,
Throw away your false eyelashes,
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me,

Holdin’ my hand,
Act nice, ooh,
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me,

Holdin’ my hand,
Now understand,
Gentle to me,
Act nice, act nice and gentle to me, ooh.


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My best fiend? Oh, diggin’ deep, brother, lol…: :grin:


Deleting a comment is an option. Below are a few I pruned recently from separate threads. Why? It felt right.


Because nothing exceeds like excess…


…Coflounders   :blush:


Customer: [emulated] Oh, heavens no. Shame. OUT, right now.

Peep: Roast beef? Open a ticket. :grin:

Malcontents, all. Look at me, look how I catch whatever Wyze is pitching and simply adapt. I am…

The verses are forgettable, but oh, what a chorus!

(removed by Mod)

This one’s teetering. When shutting down an old small engine that’s been running long & hard, one often gets an afterfire. It’s a fact of old small engine life.

I feel like one of Goldfinger’s flunkies lost in the smoke cloud of an Aston Martin… image


The clapper.


Does anyone know definitively if this is or is not true?

Adult question. :scientist: :balance_scale:

(removed by mod)



The President says we have to make sacrifices, so… I guess for me it starts here.

:raccoon: image :raccoon:

For the greater good… :face_holding_back_tears:

There’s a philosophy embedded in the software this Forum uses. Its values influence any Community that develops upon it.

If you’ve used it for any length of time you’ll infer it - no need to reference any Discourse manuals.


In two instances.

  • Via Heartcoin image in that an empty heart is indeterminate. It may mean indifference, disapproval, admonishment or nothing at all. When it is used by a bloc for disapproval or admonishment it is akin to shunning.

  • And as soft banishment for staff-judged bad behavior - you are formally Silenced.

Framed positively, this may mean to spur a review of conscience with respect to one’s behavior.
Framed negatively, it may have unintended effects.

Have you noticed these or any others? What do you think?

Sorry, no idea what you’re on about.

That’s ok, it’s very explicit, not a complaint. :slight_smile:

And you don’t have to agree.