AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

Its a firmware issue

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Could you please recreate it (I’m sorry!) and then send a log and post the number here? I know it will be requested by the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I will need to log out of the app for 30 minutes and then send it

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For Wyze Cam 3, How do we do the suggestion of removing the device and then re-adding it without factory reset? My cameras are all mounted up high, so I’m hoping it doesn’t require me having to climb up ladders to do this.

(I do have them all on smart plugs so I can power cycle them remotely if that helps.)

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If your cams are on smart plugs and you have not deleted them from the app I would power cycle them and see if they come back online.

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Howls and pidgins? Pfft, suburbia.

I recommend this:

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Well its ok now,like I said its weird

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The Home Monitoring system is still down. This has been a few days.

I don’t know that I would trust their router. When you have an issue, their support is lacking.

I’m dumping their Home Monitoring system. It’s been plagued with problems since I started with it in May. Took too many inquiries to fix and their tech is still problematic. Wyze needs to understand they can’t play with Home Security. Dumping this junk security system. I guess you get what you pay for.

Thanks… yeah I’ve already power cycled them and they’re online. It’s just the AI person detection isn’t very reliable at the moment. There are clear videos of people walking around and the AI doesn’t see then. It works maybe 70% of the time. Also notifications are also unreliable… missing notifications about events even though they show up in the events list.

Interesting. My person announcements have been working well for the past 24 hours or so. (Old V2s.)


It seems that some are still having issues as in my case (Interesting how I can see it on my wife’s Ipad but both her Android and mine don’t show the one camera). I guess I will wait a day or 2 and hopefully it rectifies by itself. I had hicups in the past where cameras drop by themselves and eventually show back up but never lasted more then a few hours.

Wyze, all we want for the Holidays is local access… clearly its needed… lets make that happen.

Was totally disconnecting mess yesterday, but seems a lot more stable today.

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ya, seems ok now, what about when it happens again, and again… relying on a single cloud provider for something we should be able to access locally if needed… simple solution, enable local access as an option for basic use rather than have devices you can’t even turn on when there is an outage.

I guess they don’t have or pay for a redundant environment. I thought ALL company’s would have a failover environment in a different geographical area just in case something happens to the Prod environment.

I heard some VC’s were starting a Uber like service to rent them.

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The last outage was a network routing / packet loss issue that snowballed to degrade downstream services. Having a second (or third) availability zone wouldn’t solve that if they can’t switch the traffic to another zone. This impacted companies who’s bar tabs are greater than Wyze’s revenue so it’s silly to blame Wyze here.


Last vestige cleared overnight of its own accord. All good.

Each user’s mileage may vary, of course. I’m lucky this time.

It’s hard for me to know if my experience is typical. YMMV.

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