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Deleting a comment is an option. Below are a few I pruned recently from separate threads. Why? It felt right.


Because nothing exceeds like excess…


…Coflounders   :blush:


Customer: [emulated] Oh, heavens no. Shame. OUT, right now.

Peep: Roast beef? Open a ticket. :grin:

Malcontents, all. Look at me, look how I catch whatever Wyze is pitching and simply adapt. I am…

The verses are forgettable, but oh, what a chorus!

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This one’s teetering. When shutting down an old small engine that’s been running long & hard, one often gets an afterfire. It’s a fact of old small engine life.

I feel like one of Goldfinger’s flunkies lost in the smoke cloud of an Aston Martin… image


The clapper.


Does anyone know definitively if this is or is not true?

Adult question. :scientist: :balance_scale:

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The President says we have to make sacrifices, so… I guess for me it starts here.

:raccoon: image :raccoon:

For the greater good… :face_holding_back_tears: