This Forum Doesn't Suffer Fools Gladly

Wrong. It kind of does. And we should stop doing it as much as possible.

If provided virtually no information we should respond in kind:

Hi, @newmember, welcome to the Forum.

This is a user-to-user help platform. No one here is being paid to assist you.

Please provide details essential for us to begin. :slight_smile:

To do otherwise reinforces behavior we should reject.

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Wyze Forum should not suffer fools gladly.

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This assumes the new user posting here is:

  1. Familiar with the forum decorum and who is in here
  2. Tech savvy
  3. Understanding of tech support question information needs
  4. Understands the technical aspects of the equipment or app they are using
  5. Even knows what it is they need to ask to get a response relating to their problem.

Assuming every new user is as knowledgeable as you are with Wyze gear is greatly overestimating the average knowledge set of users.

BUT… There should be a VENT flag so we can filter out those who just want to complain.


Ok, let’s role play:

I’m here, waaaah, fix it!

You respond?


  • Soft bigotry of low expections? We do no favors to those we infantilize. :grin:

  • If I’m not paying for it I don’t value it. I guarantee you if I’m paying by the minute I’ll do everything I can to prepare for the shortest session possible. :smile:

  • VENT flag: :+1:

  • TECH APTITUDE flag:  Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Self assessed!

  • Are you here primarily to vent, problem solve, or almost equally both? Be honest.
  • Is your tech aptitude level B/I/A? It’ll help us both to communicate better if we know.

I don’t.

Yes, that is quite a problem. @peepeep is an expert in that area and has all the answers to your questions. You can send a message directly to @peepeep by selecting the Message button here


  :rofl: Not much danger of that.

There are people who are genuinely clueless and not likely to become less so. Not pillorying them, there are many disciplines that are totally opaque to me, it simply does not stick, so I get it.

I’m talking about people with the capacity but not the motivation because they don’t have to and it’s costing them nothing but the time they choose to spend until boredom and frustration points them in another direction.

Those people. That behavior.

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We also do no favors judging based on the content of the virgin post.

Then you only value that of purely material cost and don’t ascribe to the philosophy that the best things in life are free.

It also only considers the perspective of the helpee, not the helper. Helping someone else solve a problem has no extrinsic material cost or reward for me other than my time yet brings much more intrinsic value to my mental and emotional state than can be measured in material trappings.

Subjective. Perhaps DiscoBot can perform an aptitude test on new users and flag their level based on those results.

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That’s why we have the ‘ignore’ button. But, each of us have our own internal Rip Cord Altimeter. It’s a personal choice.

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I’m gonna think about your responses for a while. And the post in total. Thanks for smacking it around, brother. :slight_smile:

And if anyone is wondering, the polls in this form are completely anonymous according to the trustworthy mods back in February:

And think about chiming in. 'twould be cool. :slight_smile:

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Anyone who reasonably stays within the community guidelines should be treated with respect (respect as in “Courtesy” not necessarily respect as in “admiration” or looking up to).

Often people come to the forum when they are very frustrated. By nature, this causes their initial communications to be coming primarily from the right hemisphere and be more emotional and disorganized and less logical, analytical, methodical, etc. This should not lead anyone conclude that any such user is a “Fool” or base our entire first impression of their personality or worth on their first post. It would make for a very poor judgment in such a case. I say cut them some slack and give everyone the benefit of the doubt as long as they have stayed within the guidelines. If they have violated any guidelines, alert the mods with a flag so they can handle the situation with the least amount of damage and fallout possible.

After taking a breath and not taking someone’s rant personally, we can often help them to switch more of their communication style away from right hemisphere communication back to left hemisphere communication by avoiding emotionally charged wording, and instead asking them questions that will cause them to have to think and use their left hemisphere more. Politely/courteously ask them many informational questions, questions that require them to be analytical and methodical. This will help them shift toward giving the left hemisphere more executive function control over the current interaction.

Remember, they’re NOT mad at “you” and they may normally be very organized and descriptive and methodical and all the things that would be prefered in a first post…but often emotion is what prompted people to come here to post when they are quite understandably frustrated. If you can guide them back toward more left hemisphere use, then they will communicate with you more in the way you would like, and in the end more of them will be very grateful for the kind help and understanding.

I suggest we not jump to conclusions about anyone being “fools” for any reason, but instead make effort to give people the benefit of doubt, not get offended or reactionary, welcome them to the community, and do our best to help them. We’ll let the mods handle situations that stray outside the community guidelines, and otherwise enjoy each others’ company regardless of what comes up for us in here. :slight_smile:

If you can’t tell, my College degree was primarily psychology and sociology, and I’ve had some training as a therapist. :slight_smile: Ultimately I’ve moved on in a different route that is much more lucrative for me…but it’s good to have this kind of background for understanding and helping people better.

Anyway, this is my recommendation for how to interact with people who don’t give us all the information we would wish they had given in the first post. Offer understanding and courtesy and request more information. If they don’t give more information then, there isn’t much we can do, but we can always ask, it doesn’t hurt to do so.


Let me climb out of the hole I dug for myself in the OP by making this distinction:

Often a person will arrive here as an experienced user of the Wyze product. They are a new member of the forum, but not a new user of the tech.

Mature Content

So they are no hapless ‘virgin’ to be ‘bedded’ gently. They are a ‘virago’ with eyes aflame, a head of steam and heedless argument.

(These lines are pure bombast, please disregard.)

Still mulling, carry on… :grin:

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:thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@peepeep, You funny. Seriously, You are funny. Seriously funny. Glad you are here. You make me laugh when least expecting. And I appreciate ya. Seriously.


I do wish there was a self assessment quiz that we could encourage people to give themselves, to help us help them.

And along with some of the same questions that have been asked and answered for new people many times, I wonder if there is not a better way? A way that we are not capitalizing on/with. Maybe YouTube? Should we explore what’s already been done, then work up maybe an Table of Contents/Index that is a Forum sticky where folks could browse up/down and maybe find a link that allows them to watch what’s explained versus try to interpret correctly/incorrectly?

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The obvious flaw in that plan is that exactly the people who would benefit are those who are already ignoring the existing available information, and so would dutifully ignore any such enhanced resources too…


So absolutely true, I have years and years of that specific experience. My point here, its not unique to Wyze camera owners.

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Thanks, Sam. 4-for-10 over a career would make me Ted Williams, eh? (If only! :wink: )


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I think I’m allergic to being ‘handled.’ Probably a lot of other semi-sensitive folk are as well.

Have you encountered many you suspect are feeling that way as you guide them toward a more constructive path? :slight_smile: