Gentle Ben 🪨


Speed control!

Try slow Ben, fast Ben, make Ben ‘normal’ again!

Trivial here, yes, but good to know when viewing other more captivating vids… :slight_smile:

Video Codec Geekery

I have no expertise with this stuff but offer it FWIW to those who do…

Got this error on Firefox after uploading here with two lesser resolution versions:


These are the specs for the version that worked, ie, rendered on both Firefox & Chrome:

Complete name               : C:\Users\xyz\Videos\gentleben_dvd.mp4
Format                      : MPEG-4
Format profile              : Base Media
Codec ID                    : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
File size                   : 470 KiB
Duration                    : 2 s 183 ms
Overall bit rate mode       : Variable
Overall bit rate            : 1 762 kb/s
Writing application         : Lavf54.63.104

ID                          : 1
Format                      : AVC
Format/Info                 : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile              : Main@L3
Format settings             : CABAC / 1 Ref Frames
Format settings, CABAC      : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames   : 1 frame
Codec ID                    : avc1
Codec ID/Info               : Advanced Video Coding
Duration                    : 2 s 167 ms
Bit rate                    : 1 612 kb/s
Nominal bit rate            : 1 846 kb/s
Width                       : 720 pixels
Height                      : 404 pixels
Display aspect ratio        : 16:9
Frame rate mode             : Constant
Frame rate                  : 30.000 FPS
Color space                 : YUV
Chroma subsampling          : 4:2:0
Bit depth                   : 8 bits
Scan type                   : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)          : 0.185
Stream size                 : 426 KiB (91%)
Writing library             : x264 core 129
Encoding settings           : cabac=1 / ref=1 / deblock=1:0:0 / analyse=0x1:0x131 / me=dia / subme=2 / psy=1 / psy_rd=1.00:0.00 / mixed_ref=0 / me_range=16 / chroma_me=1 / trellis=0 / 8x8dct=0 / cqm=0 / deadzone=21,11 / fast_pskip=1 / chroma_qp_offset=0 / threads=8 / lookahead_threads=1 / sliced_threads=0 / nr=0 / decimate=1 / interlaced=0 / bluray_compat=0 / constrained_intra=0 / bframes=0 / weightp=2 / keyint=250 / keyint_min=25 / scenecut=40 / intra_refresh=0 / rc_lookahead=40 / rc=abr / mbtree=1 / bitrate=1846 / ratetol=1.0 / qcomp=0.60 / qpmin=10 / qpmax=51 / qpstep=4 / ip_ratio=1.41 / aq=1:1.00

ID                          : 2
Format                      : AAC
Format/Info                 : Advanced Audio Codec
Format profile              : LC
Codec ID                    : mp4a-40-2
Duration                    : 2 s 183 ms
Duration_FirstFrame         : 70 ms
Bit rate mode               : Variable
Bit rate                    : 150 kb/s
Maximum bit rate            : 176 kb/s
Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
Channel positions           : Front: L R
Sampling rate               : 44.1 kHz
Frame rate                  : 43.066 FPS (1024 SPF)
Compression mode            : Lossy
Stream size                 : 40.0 KiB (9%)
Default                     : Yes
Alternate group             : 1

It seems to depend on the browser though. I’m using Fennec (which is mobile Firefox) and I don’t see that option on the embedded player here, only a maximize button.

I have taken to using the tempo speed up feature on YouTube though, and of course with podcasts.


Yeah, I use a laptop exclusively to post and almost exclusively to view the forum. Viewing on an Android tablet, DDG (DuckDuckGo) which is chromium-based displays speed control just like the laptop. Firefox which is chromium-based does not.

The up tempo I tried with a podcast and is certainly useful you can understand rapid speech better than you might think but it ucks with time (like everything else) in an objectionable way so I’m disinclined to use it.

The bit from Being There where Chance tries to change the channel on a live scene he tires of is updated to folks today on their devices hoping to speed up your live conversation to reduce their anxiety at being prevented from proceeding to the almighty NEXT! Thing.

Bodes well it does not.

If you’re fond of him - or people in general - this duck is worth a gander:

Odd man odd family.

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Not sure, but if Ben could be an actor without being a celebrity it would probably be better for him. :slight_smile:

Not sure as in total blank. Rance Howard (born Harold Engle Beckenholdt, who knew!)? Dennis Weaver? The guy that ‘voiced’ Ben?

And what sitcom is that or any of those actors? Not the faintest clue.

Ivan Tors, producer of Ben and its pilot film, Gentle Giant? The guy in the bear suit the second unit used for (long shot) B-roll setups?

I. Do. Not. Know, :blush:

My 'secret'

I have not scene a single seen of Gentle Ben in any form, thus my use as a reference here is (to be generous) ‘cavalier.’

Consider it digital exhaust.

That I’m inflicting. On you.


Sorry. :slight_smile: