Floodlight Pro: no way to turn off floodlight light getting brighter from motion detection for only 1 day per week

It seems as if this is not an option. Rules do not account for the floodlight light going off and on when motion is being detected (I want it off on Saturdays to comply with Jewish law) and in the flood light settings it is not a 7 day schedule. It’s only sunrise, sunset, and custom times…

It should be added to rules so that I can turn off all things needed for the Sabbath. For now I will have the ambient light on always with no motion light for the entire week until I can find a fix.

Why don’t you just do this when you wake up Saturday morning ? It will take you all of about 30 seconds to change the setting for Saturday and change it back on Sunday if you desire.

That’s not a solution. That’s you telling me to manually do it… I personally cannot use electronics on Saturday so for me Friday afternoon is when I ensure my whole house is ready for the next 25 hours. I try and automate everything possible so that I don’t have to think about it. With Rules in WYZE this should in theory be very easy. They just need to add that as a rule in The Floodlight Pro toggles.

Some people have gotten around this by using rules to decide when to turn the floodlight on and off, such through Alexa, instead of using the FLPro settings to turn it on and off. That’s a good option. Then you can schedule Alexa to only do that on the other 6 days a week and skip the sabbath.

Another option is that you can set a rule schedule on the Sabbath to turn off Motion detection so that the floodlight isn’t triggered, then have it turn motion detection back on when the Sabbath ends.

You won’t get motion alerts, but your FLPro will still record to the SD card, so you can still review anything that happens if needed.

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I understand the issues this creates in observance of your customs and religion.

You are correct, there is currently no way to automate the Motion Activated Spotlight to specific days of the week nor any way to automate turning it on and off thru rules. This would be requested in the Wishlist topic Add More Actions for Wyze Rules and wouldn’t be a quick implementation if at all.

There is a way however, if you are tech savvy, because it is complicated to program and there is a steep learning curve.

I use an App on my Android to automate tasks I perform within the Wyze App for which there are no Rules Actions. I use MacroDroid.

When triggered, the Macros wake up my phone, enter my passcode to unlock it, launch the Wyze App, press all the buttons I need pressed within the Wyze App (arming and disarming my HMS Security System), close the Wyze App, and relock my phone. This can also be done to open the Floodlight, navigate to the settings, and disable the Motion Activated Floodlight.

This seems like the best workaround at this point. With schedule rules, you can set triggers of sunset on Fridays/Saturdays and the action to turn off/on motion detection.

This request is in the list of requested actions:

  • Toggle Floodlight/Floodlight Pro Automatic (motion detected) Activation

You may want to hop over and vote for that topic and add a comment about your specific need.


Using the Rule Action “Turn Off Motion Detection” for the FLP will not produce the desired results. This Action, which has been misleading and mislabeled for years, toggles the “Record Motion Events” setting within the Event Recording menu. It will only stop the upload of events to the cloud. It will not prevent the lights coming on with motion.

Because the Motion Activated Floodlights use the Onboard AI in the cam, the logic to turn on the lights is executed locally prior to any upload logic being determined. Moreover, the threshold logic to activate the lights is a much lower threshold than the AI ID for object event upload.

For the motion activated lights to be suspended, the “Turn Cam Off” Action must be used. However, this will also suspend SD Card Recording and I believe turn off the Ambient Light as well.

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Thanks for the (unfortunate) correction.

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It was only a hunch at first based on my prior wrestling matches with my FLP lights. I had to test it to confirm since the FLP is the first floodlight to use the Onboard AI to activate the lights.

Correct everyone. So here are my options all not ideal:

  1. Manually toggle floodlight motion off and back on the next day weekly.

  2. Set a rule to turn off camera. (Not motion activation)

  3. Keep motion light activation off for the entire week.

  4. Use macrodroid or other alternative to automate 1 above.

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As I said above, You can also leave the camera on all 7 days, but just have it so doing motion detections for 1 day. That doesn’t turn the camera off. It still works with the live view and it still records to the SD card.

Another option is to have Alexa turn the floodlight on and off with motion 6 days a week and then not do it on the 7th day.

Both of the above options will leave the camera on 7 days a week, and have the floodlight turn on with motion 6 days a week, just like you’re asking how to do.

Carverofchoice, I do not think this is accurate. Turning off motion detection does not turn off the floodlight auto on function. It only turns off the detection communicating with the cloud. The camera still picks up motion detection on chip, and the light will still get brighter… Correct me if I am wrong, but all those settings were off this Saturday and the lights were still getting brighter.

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Oh sorry, I thought I tried this recently when I was checking to see how well one of my other cameras worked without the floodlight coming on, but maybe I turned the cameras off instead and forgot that I did it that way. Regardless, the Alexa rules option is still one that would leave the camera on and work just 6 days a week instead of 7.

Hopefully Wyze will just fix the schedule settings to be more customizable.

Thanks for the tip!

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