Floodlight, rules/schedule and auto mode

Ok… I have the Floodlight all setup, running… I want to tweak up the rules…


Floodlight ON SUNSET + x minutes

Floodlight OFF X time

(note: it would be nice if this was x time ± random minute period, it gives fake humanity to it… I did this back in the X10 days! on my GE HomeMinder which I still have one NEW IN BOX! :slight_smile: )

I have TWO RULES… ONE for the ON action, ONE for the OFF action…

AFTER the FLOOD LIGHT is OFF for the schedule, I want it to COME ON FROM MOTION…

So I programmed this all up… I go to notice that the flood light is off, look at time… WTFflipity is this things problem?

Ok… I went through several rounds of reprogramming the rule etc…

The ONLY, ONLY WAY I can get the RULE to operate is for the FLOOD LIGHT to be in ON MODE, thus it neuters my desire to have the flood come on for motion events… URRRHRHRHGHGGHGHG!

The flood is running and staying on per the schedule… but after the schedule ends the light will not come back on for motion events!!!

What am I not setting correctly in this??!?!?!?!!?

Something I am missing in this.

I had this programmed in ONE RULE before. Split it to two rules thinking that was the issue, nope. Same results… The floodlight comes on at the sunset + x time but after awhile it will go off, I am guessing motion triggers it, and then the motion time trigger kicks in, and turns the flood off… WRONG.

I looked to see if there was a rule to TURN ON AUTO mode based on scheduled rule. Nope.

What do I need to tweak to get this to operate the way I outlined???