Can anyone confirm?

Can anyone confirm if a Floodlight is supposed to return to motion activated mode after a scheduled on time?

If Floodlight settings have a rule to turn on at 9pm and off at midnight, should the floodlight activate on motion outside of said 3 hr window?

What is the difference between “turn floodlight on” and “turn floodlight on for” X minutes?

It seems when the Floodlight turns OFF at the end of the schedule window, it means the floodlight is off & inoperable.

Yes. Manually turning the floodlights on thru the app or thru a rule has no affect on their motion activation once the floodlights are turned off.


The Rules Action “Turn Floodlight On” activates the lights and leaves them on indefinitely until turned off manually or thru another Rule Action.

Turn on for…” imposes a timer counted down by the server. It turns them on and then waits the allotted time before sending the floodlight the off command.


Thanks for the explanation @SlabSlayer .


After testing, the experience is that once a Rule turns a floodlight OFF, whether by start/end or by “turn on for” period, the floodlight remains off and is no longer trigged by motion.

Unless my account is jacked up, this is the behavior on 2 separate floodlights.

Still wish someone else would test this. Thanks.

I’m not going to be able to test this out as I have replaced all my old floodlights with the Floodlight Pro. But I will tag in the team to see if they still have a V1 mounted.

After reaching out to the team, @R.Good came thru (as usual), having tested this in the past and confirmed your findings with some added information.

It appears as though when the Floodlight is set to activate on both PIR and camera motion, there is a 10 minute reset period after the rule turns them off. This does not appear to be the case if only one of the activation methods is set to activate.

See these posts that explain the tests and results:

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Thanks for the follow-up @SlabSlayer .

It all seems a bit confusing, since I’m not familiar with the ‘switch’ x1, x2, x3 times people refer to in those other posts. I guess that’s a manual control feature from the light switch on the wall.

In any event, the floodlight just doesn’t seem to work in a logical manner, which would be; regardless of what turns it on or off (rules, wall switch or whatever), if there is power to the device and it’s resting, the motion should trigger it unless set not to trigger.

Have a ticket open with support, I’ll see what they conclude.

The Wyze Switch was just illustrating the manipulation of the Floodlight On\Off much like the Rules you have setup.

Agreed. Not exactly sure what coding is causing a 10m reset wait when both PIR and Cam Motion are set as triggers.

Have you tested it with just one of the light triggers active?

Have not tried with one trigger…
Seems like the Wyze QA Dept would have done that. But I digress. I’ll check out that angle. Thanks!

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