Bug: Floodlight PIR is disabled when switch control Rule is enabled

I just did a test and set my Floodlight up to turn on if I double tap my switch, and turn off when I triple tap my switch

I made sure this worked, and turned the floodlight off and on a couple times using the double and triple press. All worked

I turned off Motion detection to turn on the floodlight just to test the PIR. And only have PIR turning on the flood light.

When I walked past the floodlight the Floodlight came on.

I then turned off PIR and set to detect motion only to trigger the floodlight

The floodlight triggered with motion

Turned both back on, and turned the floodlight on and off with the switch controls.

And…. Walking around the Cam/Floodlight the floodlight did not trigger

BUT…. (And I remember this from another test I did awhile back) it takes everything 10 minutes to reset/cool down.

I have no idea why… but look at the time stamps. At 9:11 the floodlight triggered where the in between 10 minutes did not, and my last trigger was at 9:01. Appears as if this is only the case if motion and PIR are set to trigger the floodlight, a new variable discovery, as I did not make the connection last time.

@Zackrr give the floodlight ten minutes after turning off from the switch and see if the floodlight triggers. Not sure this is a rule issue.

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