Disable floodlight based on schedule

I love the floodlight cam v3 product. I’ve installed several of them on my property.

When I use the pool/patio after sunset, I’d like the floodlights not activate, so I made a schedule from sunset to 11PM to turn the floodlight off. This works great EXCEPT at 11, the floodlight stays on all night due to the automation setting that says “tun off floodlight (turn on at end time).” I’ve attached a pic of this schedule. (Ignore that the schedule is disabled due to that I don’t want the floodlight on all night.)

I’d like the “normal” automatic floodlight functionality after 11PM in case of prowlers.

How do I get this to work?

Your rule shouldn’t work at all to stop the floodlight from activating on motion after Sunset.

If the floodlight is on at sunset, the rule will turn it off. But if it is already off, the rule does nothing.

A schedule Rule only sends two commands to the cam. The first command in your rule is a single “Turn Off Floodlight” at Sunset. If the cam is set to Motion Activate the light and the Cam experiences motion after that command has already been sent, the light should still be coming on for the set time. The rule will not trigger each time the cam detects motion after Sunset.

The second command the rule sends is at 11pm when it turns the lights on. If you remove the end time altogether, it will not send this command at all and your schedule Rule will only encounter the single Start command at Sunset.

If you don’t want the floodlight to activate between Sunset and 11pm, can’t you adjust the activation schedule within the Cam floodlight activation settings to a custom time of 11pm and Sunrise?