Scheduling for floodlights to stay on

Does anyone know how I can schedule the floodlights to remain turned on overnight on certain days? Thanks!

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Sure. Just create a scheduled rule to do that:


Thanks for responding! I tried that, however all it does is activate the motion sensor, but the light does not stay on.

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I’m having the same issue with my lamp socket. The string of lights I have connected to it only comes on when the camera detects motion despite the fact that I have a schedule setup.

I agree. I cannot get my schedule to work correctly. If I click the auto it gives me 3 options to check that I don’t want. Therefore, I created a schedule rule for the lamp socket with a start time and end time and actions to turn the socket on and turn the socket off and it never works. I guess I’m not sure how to get the schedule to work or the app just doesn’t work for schedules. It’s very frustrating. I start with the lights off in hopes that the schedule will be invoked when the time of day hits but nothing.

Are there any instructions for creating a schedule that really works?

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I think I just saw my problem in the above post that has the instructions. Duh!

I think my problem is I added a second action to turn it off when I really only need the action to turn it on. I just deleted my second action and we’ll see if it turns it off correctly.

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My schedule still doesn’t work for my lamp sockets. Very annoying!

I did this and it seems to be working.

Here is mine and it doesn’t work.

I have been able to schedule the floodlight to turn ON at 7PM and then turn OFF at Midnight.

Deactivate the Floodlight Automation.
Settings → Accessories → Floodlight → Floodlight Control → OFF

Then create a Rule / Schedule for the Floodlight to turn ON for the day of the week and the time period needed.

This does appear to have a short coming, With the Floodlight Control set to “OFF” the PIR and Camera Motion no longer trigger the Floodlight to activate. So from my setup, if there is motion after Midnight there is no light coming on to act as a deterrent.

I am still hoping to find a way for the Floodlight have a scheduled ON period and then have the Floodlight turn on as a deterrent for the remainder of the night.


This sequence does not appear to be in the current iphone App. Under Settings there is no Accessories section and no option for Floodlight Conrtrol? Honestly my other setup with a different brand is much better.

I have the exact same issue . I was trying to learn how to set the floodlight on permanently, but the accessories option does not show up.