Floodlight cam v-2 not recording events

Just installed Floodlight Cam v-2. Does not record most events. Have tired to change every setting but still misses most events. I walked around in front of it and it saw me in live view but did not record the event. I can find all motion on the SD card but not under events. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but that didn’t help. I also found out that it’s not compatible with my Cam Protect subscription so had to get a Cam Plus subscription for it. Very disappointed. Would appreciate any feedback.

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What is your sensitivity setting?
Do you have a detection zone turned on?
How many feet away are you trying to record?
Do you mean people passing by on the sidewalk, or walking up close to the camera?
How high is it mounted?
Is this mostly at night?

Can you post a screenshot of the view and circle an example of where it is not recording?

Hi. Sensitivity setting is on high. Detection zone is turned off. I did set it just to see, didn’t help so turned it back off.

The cam actually is recording almost nothing in the entire area, even close to the gate you can just see at the bottom left of the screenshot. Cam is mounted on a pole on the opposite side of the gate that would show in the pic at bottom right. It’s mounted just above head height and not pointed at the pole you see at the right of the screenshot. That pole is not obstructing its view.

I stood by the cam waving my arms and talking, I walked up and down the driveway. It saw me on the live view but didn’t record any events. I did find them on the SD card. I drove my car up and down the road about 50’ from the cam and into the driveway but it didn’t detect that at al but I did find those events in the SD cardl. A friend drove by, stopped right in front of the driveway, we talked for a while. Didn’t detect that either and I found that on the SD card too. My old floodlight cam v1 does detect events in the road.

Happens both in daylight and at night.

It’s moot now. We put back the old floodlight cam v1 and it’s recording events fine. Had another long talk with Wyze and I’m returning this floodlight cam v2, it’s also not compatible with my cam protect subscription. Also returning the floodlight cam v1 as that one won’t record sound to the SD card. Hours of troubleshooting of both with Wyze and on my own, no more. Getting the floodlight cam pro instead. That one is compatible with cam protect. Hope it does better than these.

Here’s a screenshot of the area I need covered.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Thanks, that was helpful. I am baffled why it wasn’t working for you. I have one of these and it works in all the ways it’s not working for you and I am not sure what the difference is. I am thinking that the one you got must have been defective or something. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you and that you spent all that frustrating time troubleshooting.

Thanks. Welcome to my life. :tired_face:

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Just making sure, is the cam set to “Record motion events” and is “Notification” turned on?

Edit - I don’t understand why you need to set 2 things for things to work. Why not combine the two?

Yes to both.

So I am having a similar problem.
Recently installed Floodlight cam v2 and it is recording events but only when Night Vision Mode is ON. When off for normal daytime operation, nothing, nada. No adjustment to detection settings, event recording, detection zones makes any difference. Turning off Night Vision Mode (or auto during the day) does not record any events. It will work fine if Night Vision Mode is on.
On a side note I have Cam Plus Unlimited (annual) and I tried removing the camera, which has been a troubleshooting step in the past, and I cannot seem to remove it. It just keeps coming back, weird.
The frustrating part is I bought the v2 in hopes it would alleviate the stuttering/missing frames problem I have on two of my v1 floodlight cams.
I am at a bit of a loss.

I just installed floodlight V2. It’s recording events normally with night vision off. I have the other reported bug; the SD playback button is greyed off, but I see I can see/playback SD recording from the “SD card” button.

I bought several and i can only get one to work. for whatever reason i get the same thing that you are experiencing on all but one. Does not record or send notifications… I can watch the live stream fine on the SD card and the cam+ but no matter what, i could not get more than one to work for more than a few minutes. i sent 3 back to amazon and am hoping they solve this bug soon before i buy something else. i really like the way the one works.

Having the same issues. Won’t record or send notifications. Or it will send 1 out of 5 notifications. Doesn’t matter the time of day. Restarted camera multiple times. Set sensitivity to high. Again, I don’t think it’s an issue of detection because I can see the green box showing the camera “seeing” movement; it just won’t send the notifications.

My FLCv2 stopped notifications and cloud uploading at 1:27pm on 05/30, however, it continued to record to the sdcard until shutoff at 5:00am by rule. Sdcard recording resumed at 11:00am when the FL was back on but is doing it continuously even though settings are for smart and pir detections. Notifications and cloud uploading are still nonexistent with plenty of activity that should have been detected. Smart detection AI events are also not being recorded. The sdcard is being overwritten as it is a full 128gb card.

This appears to be a new issue with functionality within the Wyze cam operations. Sdcard full, no notifications or cloud video uploading for AI smart detections and not included when sdcard overwrites.

Are these perpetual endless discoveries just to be expected in the life of experiences in the Wyze ecosystem? Every new issue or discovery has an impact on establishing credibility with Wyze and its products.

Oh well, on to fixit Friday!

It must be your WiFi. /sarcasm

I ditched v2 and purchased the Pro. The Pro works perfectly, never missed a beat.

Looks like I am going to have to get my ladder out and go up and put in a new sdcard. The card appears to be ok as the flcamv2 is still recording to it but not producing notifications and uploading to cloud. A restart and reset from within cam settings in the app didn’t correct the problem. May do a full reset/setup of flcv2 while up there in addition to popping in a new 256gb card.

@anthony100, I would reinstall my perfectly working flcamv1 before going to pro. My relationship with Wyze and its products is eroding. Camv3 Pro and flcamv2 are my last purchases for present and future. Probably going to pass on the camv4 for quite a while if not permanently. I am learning so much from my almost daily interactions with the forum.

Sorry, I meant to say that I already purchased a Pro and have it installed. And it’s working perfectly. I just don’t understand why v2 had so many problems, especially since it’s version 2. One would think that they would have all the kinks worked out. I believe the Pro was released BEFORE v2.

Yes, it was. Quite a bit before. I was puzzled by the late release of the v2 but got one anyway for upgrade to the v1 and initial release price point.

I have a floodlight V2. Also a floodlight pro. Aside from darker images at night, compared to a cam V3, I don’t have a problem with either.

My Floodlight v2 was working perfectly until the latest firmware update. Since then it rarely detects any AI motion such as walking up and standing directly in front of the camera. It does record continuously to SD card with no issue. I’ve worked through all the support suggestions and settings with no appreciable change. I sure would like to revert to the previous firmware version. Is that possible? Otherwise this floodlight camera is worthless to me unless a newer firmware version would fix this issue. I surely won’t purchase a newer version.

@scotsman - have you tried last measure of drastic resort;

  1. Factory reset FLcamv2, eject and remove sdcard before reset.

  2. To factory reset, press and hold setup button for 10 sec. or until status light turns sold red.

  3. Uninstall Wyze app from phone. Restart phone. Reinstall Wyze app.

  4. Verify all Wyze devices and settings restored.

  5. Reinstall/setup FLCamv2. Insert sdcard. Depending on card use you may want to reformat it on your computer. ExFat 128gb and higher.

  6. Confirm FLcamv2 is performing as expected. If not, consider warranty replacement if still eligible.

I used these steps for a FLcamv2 I was having issues with. Support won’t tell you to delete and reinstall tha Wyze app. Everything from your Wyze account will be restored from cloud data.

Post results, success or failure.