Floodlight cam v-2 not recording events

I can’t express how disappointed I am in this camera. This is the second one as they had to replace the first as the motor was malfunctioning. I have to reset it constantly because instead of looking at the waypoints I set it’s looking at the ground or sky so misses events. These events are crucial because the camera needs to monitor the activities of a neighbor against whom I have an injunction and who was arrested for setting fire to my property. Now it’s also not in color. Any suggestions?

@gadflywfc - this thread is for the floodlight v2. It appears you are referencing a cam pan v2 or v3. You may want to repost in thread with the appropriate subject/topic.

I tried all your suggested steps. Camera is still not functioning correctly. I reported the findings back to support and they are sending a replacement FLCamv2. Seems a waste since it was definitely the firmware update that ruined my camera but they won’t allow firmware downgrades.

@scotsman - sorry it didn’t work out with the FLCamv2. At least you are getting a replacement. I am still monitoring the replacement I received & upgraded after setup. So far I have had 1 going offline episode that was quickly resolved by power cycling with the wall light switch. I wish you success with the replacement FLCamv2 and do post about it here in the forum.

@scotsman - It didn’t take long for issues to surface with the replacement FLCam v2.

  1. Notifications not being pushed to phone, which is impacting Alexa because the person announcements are not coming through on the echo speaker.

  2. Sdcard video timeline only identifying 1 smart event when multiple events are clearly identified on the live cloud view video.

  3. Recording set for events, but the camera is recording continuously to the sdcard and wasting data storage space.

Real time camera detections are working. Plus I go outside periodically and test the detection for the “Hi, you are currently being recorded”, then check Wyze app on my phone and it is working minus the lack of the push notifications to my phone.

I have contacted support with several screenshots to document these issues. Yes, I did update the firmware after the replacement was setup. Also put them on notice that I am fully aware of other camera issues from my participation in community forum. (Not that they could give a rat’s a_ _).

Stay tuned. This won’t be resolved anytime soon. But I will protect my warranty timeline.

Mine is sitting in a box with the FL Cam v1. After hours of troubleshooting, when I finally became much less nice, Wyze replaced them with a FL Cam Pro, which seems more stable.They don’t want the other two back so I might mount them somewhere around the house where security is not as crucial as I have some Arlo’s and a Nest Cam. Most of my Wyze cameras and trail cams are out by the gates and the road where my criminal neighbor trespasses and burned down part of my property to destroy a cell trail cam. Vey rural here.

Thanks for your previous suggestions. I received my replacement FLCamv2 but now that I see your most recent post, I am not optimistic the replacement will cure the issues. When I do swap to the replacement, I will hold off on updating the firmware to see how the camera does. I know my original was fine until the most recent firmware update. I am hoping they get enough complaints that they will issue another firmware update to hopefully fix whatever they screwed up. This is costing them money.

They had me return the FLv2 that was replaced andam now having issues with. On the other hand, when a defective Cam v3 was replaced about 2 1/2 yrs ago, they told me to discard it. My FLv1 was working fine, I replaced it just to have a newer version. I should have kept the v1 mounted or bought the Pro when it was on sale for $79, which I don’t know if that will ever be available again.

I’ll give them a chance again before I take my attitude south. At my age, going up and down an extension ladder to mount and dismount a floodlight carries a risk factor.:sweat_smile:

If you don’t need a really wide field of view, don’t get the floodlight pro, stay with the V2 unless you want pro’s fisheye view.

Interesting…they told me they don’t want my old v2 back and said I can just recycle it. I’ll keep it for whatever purpose I may find for it, if that may only be for parts. Maybe they have realized there is nothing they can do to fix the hardware so they don’t want the expense of return shipping.

@p2788deal - oops, forgot the fisheye view. Actually the v2 field of view almost too big and I have to carve out a large area with detection zone. I liked the v1 fov better. The doorbell Pro has the fisheye view, but if I remember correctly, it can be changed.

Thanks for comments.

While waiting for Wyze Support to respond to my latest issues with it replacement FLv2, I’ve found a solution for keeping it at least in a workable and usable mode, it needs to be restarted and reset daily. While there is a rule to restart, there isn’t one to reset and has to be performed manually in the app. This is not an ideal or acceptable solution. The continuous recording to the sdcard still exist and the storage on the 256gb card is being wasted. I could care less about rewriting on the sdcard, event recording does not translate to continuous recording.

My explorations definitely revealed a Wyze issue with the latest firmware for the FLv2 and I concluded that I must insist on another replacement that I will not update. I do not believe there will be “fix” within a reasonable period of time.

I see others are starting to move on from Wyze, perhaps this will be the sounding of the alarm to get Wyze to act proactively. No more new products, focus on making things right with what you have in the market and get the “security” back in the cameras we have all purchased.

That’s what usually is holding me back from buying more of Wyze’s newer products. Their doorbells and their latest Floodlights don’t have the ability to manually flash firmware. I don’t trust their firmware enough for them to omit that feature.

I stuck with their older Floodlight V1 for so long because I know I can always easily replace the Cam V3 on it and there is an additional USB auxiliary port for newer cameras (if needed).


I find this very interesting. Wyze is running their Early Access Prime Days Deals. If you purchase a Floodlight Pro, they will give you a Floodlight v2 for free. Hmmm…giving away that floodlight v2. Anything to do with it being one of their problem children? I wonder how long before v2 is discontinued?

I just got my replacement v2 and did the initial setup. Now it pops up the “firmware update is required” message. I don’t see any way around that so it looks like I will have to do the update, unless you know a way. Let me know.

@scotsman - you beat me to the post. I was about to post with some of the same comments. Interesting indeed!!

I am communicating now with the High Tech Team for resolution to my FLv2 issues.

Getting around the update required - Have you tried to exit the cam in the app or close out the app altogether and restart it? I’ll be faced with that if they decide to send me another replacement.

My FLv2 is sitting in a box with a FLv1, 3 pan and scan cams that all have a bad motor, and a battery cam pro that sucks up battery life daily even with the solar panel if I choose saving continuously to the SD card. After hours of fighting and refusing to spend one more minute troubleshooting, someone at Wyze actually gave me a substantial gift card so I could buy the FL Pro, which I think is their only decent outdoor camera.

I tried to exit from the screen with the “firmware update is required” but couldn’t so all I could do is close the app. Reopening the app and selecting the camera still results in the “firmware update is required” message. Looks like we’re stuck.

Since I couldn’t opt out of the firmware update on my replacement FLCamv2, I went ahead and allowed the update. I then swapped it with the original FLCamv2 which their latest firmware screwed it up. Guess what? The replacement FLCamv2 has the same issues. I walked all around in front of the camera and it would not even announce that I was being recorded. No notifications and no events. I reached up and touched the side of the camera and it then said I was being recorded. But still no events or notifications.

This is sad. They are losing money sending replacement FLCamv2 units when they should create a new firmware release which could revert to the version prior to the latest that bricked my FLCamv2.

On a separate item, I tried to purchase a $5.99 USB-C adapter cable for my Wyze Solar Panel, They canceled the order saying it was fraudulent. Two more order attempts with separate pay options gave same result. So, I can’t even purchase anything from Wyze.

So, what is going on with Wyze lately?