Fix-It Friday 4/7/2023

Fix-It Friday Callout

Well my Forum friends, we made it to Friday!

You know what that means. it means it is time for this month’s Fix-It-Friday callout! :tada:

If this is your first Fix-It Friday, welcome! For background, while our communities are not designed to be a replacement for Wyze Support , our community members and community managers do our best to help you out here. As our communities scale up, we want to make sure that any outstanding bugs or issues that you folks are facing are on our internal radar and that we’re transparent in our process of working on them.

Here’s how this works:

  • We’ll make a post on the first Friday of the month in every community (Core Community on Facebook, Forums, Reddit, and Discord).
  • Check the comments. If you see any other comments with issues that you’re facing, vote for them with a like (the heart button at the bottom of their reply)
  • Got something new? Reply to our post with the top issue that you’re facing this week with your Wyze products to help loop us in.
  • We’ll grab the top comment from each community and make a follow-up post on Monday to detail what those issues are and how we plan to fix them. If we need more info from the community to help figure out what’s going on, we’ll let you know on Monday - so please make sure to take a look!
  • The following Mondays in the month, we’ll be posting updates about our progress on Fix-It Friday submissions.
  • Sometimes Mondays are actually Tuesdays if we don’t get all the info we need on time for posting on Monday. Our apologies! :sweat_smile:
  • Remember, this is for existing things that aren’t working right. If you are looking for a new feature or for us to add functionality that’s not already available, please use our Wishlist instead!

We’re constantly working on improvements for everyone. But we hope that this process will both help us prioritize issues that are important to our communities and help you feel more in the loop.

Got a request for something new or an additional feature? Check our Wishlist to see if it’s in the works or has been requested. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to see how this works, you can check this previous Fix-It Friday post:


Please bring back the detection zone grids for Wyze Cam V2!

Since upgrading to 1851 firmware, when user re-adds Wyze Cam V2, the detection zone grids have reverted back to the resizable rectangular box.

There’re a couple of threads on this:


Error (code 3001) still affecting some users on multiple different camera models (not just one)

See the following thread for some examples:


2FA not giving authenticator app option on website in some cases

If you enroll in all the 2FA options (Authenticator App, SMS1, SMS2, and email), and set the Authenticator App as the primary option, the browser logins ( such as or will force you to use the SMS to authenticate rather than give an option for the authenticator app.

See the discussion starting here:

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Wyze Alexa skill reportedly “expires” without a seamless refresh token

Alexa skills are supposed to be able to use a refresh token. Maybe they’re different from these refresh tokens, but amazon seems to indicate that refresh tokens should be valid indefinitely.

A few searches on Alexa refresh tokens expiring shows this isn’t an uncommon issue with Alexa Skills, but that there seems to be a way to resolve this so that a skill doesn’t “expire” and may require changing some defaults in how the tokens are handled. It would be nice for someone to check into why the Alexa skill is “expiring” for some people instead of automatically using a refresh token seamlessly.

See this thread where it was reported that the skill expired and how it impacted the user experience:


Once stated by WYZE that an OG telephoto greater than 3X would be offered if WYZE thought there was enough interest. What is the status of current plans to bring an OG camera telephoto lens greater than the current 3X?

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That conversation will mostly be in the wishlist thread for it here:

If you haven’t voted for which lens(es) you are most interested in, please do so there.

This thread, Fix-it-Friday, is mostly about reporting bugs/malfunctions that are affecting multiple users.

But to answer your question, Wyze has not yet given any statement about this, and as of this exact moment, that wishlist thread hasn’t been categorized with an official response yet (ie: maybe later, in progress, researching, testing, probably not, etc). Your question would make a GREAT one for us to ask them in their next AMA event though. They do those every so often, and I’d love to hear the answer too.


Using Ethernet port in Wyze Mesh Router/Pro while in bridge mode causes it to reboot/crash

This has got to be a bug. It would be one thing if it just didn’t work, but causing it to reboot/crash is a good indication that this is an unintended bug/malfunction.

Reported in this thread:


I agree! Bring back the grids! If it’s not fixed by the time my yearly sub renews, I’ll have to switch back to my old security systems. I live in a very busy part of town and road and get constant notifications. This camera is of no use to me as is. Bring back the grids


Bring back the grids. Ever since the update it only has a one block section. Living on a busy street k get non stop notifications so much that I have to turn it off. I really like the product and ease of use. But if I can’t get notifications I’m going to go somewhere else.


It should be a simple fix as the code and protocols already exist. Swear if they try to make this a paid option in top of my yearly sub I’ll have to go somewhere else…

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Tract only AI motion for OG and OG Tele. like having the option in Event Recording buttons on the V3 cameras.

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Fix Wyze sense hub to reconnect to wifi after power failure.

The Sense Hub has battery backup, so it shouldn’t be experiencing a power failure unless the power is out for so long the battery fails.

One way to minimize the possibility of the Hub not regaining WiFi connection is to plug it into the Ethernet port on the router.

When my router gets unplugged (simulated power failure), my hub, while on WiFi, does go offline and I do get the offline push notification, however it regains its WiFi network connectivity when the router reboots.

The reason I qualified that with “simulated power failure” is because I didn’t want my HMS to go offline during a power failure. I installed a 1500Ah UPS that powers my modem, router, and hub. During a power failure all three remain operational and connected to Noonlight for up to 4 hours until the internet goes down and the battery backup on the Hub takes over operation as a local alarm.

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Thanks for the information.

I have had the hub reconnect to wifi automatically before. After a recent power outage in which the hub was still running on battery, all of the sensors and cams reconnected to wifi but the hub would not.

I contacted support and the only way to fix it was to add the hub again through the app which involves pressing the button on the back of the hub. This isn’t very practical for a home security system if you are away or on vacation.

This issue was reported previously here:

I updated the hub firmware after getting connected to wifi. Does the latest firmware fix this issue or is it still a known problem?

Hi, everybody! :grinning:

Thanks for participating in the callout for new submissions! We have a new batch of topics so let’s get started!

:face_holding_back_tears: Reddit - iOS cameras when grouped are not displaying properly :face_holding_back_tears:

We’re looking into this scale issue and requesting full screenshots! So far we have reports of this on an iPhone SE and an iPhone 8. Is this happening to anyone else?

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Core - Error 3001 is happening on cameras such as Wyze Cam v2 :negative_squared_cross_mark:

We have been seeing improvement for the 3001 error issue after the fix on Wyze Cam v3. We are going to merge the fix into upcoming Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan firmware. We’ll share updates here as we get them! This is expected to happen after the 11.x update for Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan v2.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Forum - Wyze Cam v2 detection zone is back to the single box style after update :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We have the app team checking in on this. We’ll keep you posted!

:thinking: Discord - Can no longer pair Wyze Sense v1 sensors to the Wyze Sense Hub after the firmware upgrade :thinking:

We are checking with our team on this one and will let you know if we have further questions or information.

- Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions -

:walking_man: Forum - Alexa Person Detection Triggers on some Wyze Cam v3s with Cam Plus Lite have disappeared for new activations for some users. They are still present for some people or those who previously set them up :walking_man:

If you’re still experiencing this or this is happening with your Wyze Cam v2, please send in a support ticket with your Alexa user account so we can have the Alexa team check on things from their side. Then please post your support ticket number here so our team can scoop it up! If we don’t hear back from next week, we’ll remove this from the update list.

:nerd_face: Reddit - Wyze Cam v3 Pro and Wyze Cam Pan v3 30-second forward and back Playback buttons skip random hours :nerd_face:

We don’t have a further update for this one yet. This is still in beta and we’ve generally been hearing positive feedback about this being resolved! Please take some time to test this feature and give us insight into your experience if you’re in our beta group.

:face_with_thermometer: Core - Wyze Cam Pan v3 detection zones not working :face_with_thermometer:

We’re still working with our engineers to identify a good fix for this issue. We’ll keep you posted! But in the meantime, we’re working on connectivity difficulties some folks have reported with this product. We’ll return to the motor drift issue after we get the connection stabilized. We appreciate your patience.

:sob: Reddit - Event recordings are skipping/stuttering :sob:

We slowed down the .4054 firmware gradual release to check on some reports from community members. The people that have this update are telling us that this issue is resolved! If you’re using this firmware, have you encountered the dropped frames/time travel issue since updating? Please let us know!

:clock12: Forum - Wyze Cam v3 microSD card Playback is skipping the first minute of every hour (excluding midnight) :clock12:

This is in beta! If you’re a beta tester, please try out the new firmware and give us feedback about it.

:floppy_disk: Core - Playback stutters when selected for the first few seconds of Playback from the microSD card :floppy_disk:

This is also on the firmware that just went into beta testing! Beta folks, please put it through its paces and let us know how the new build performs.

:crescent_moon: Discord - Wyze Cam v3 Pro spotlight will not turn off after first motion detection at night. Resetting fixes it but becomes an issue again about a month later :crescent_moon:

We believe we’ve identified a possible cause of this problem! We’re still testing it internally and will send the fix to external beta later.

:house: Reddit - Wyze Cam Pan v3 does not return to set home position :house:

We don’t have further updates on this one yet. We’re still testing possible fixes from our side and are currently focusing on the reported connectivity difficulties.

:astonished: Core - Cameras appear offline in the app, though they are online and viewable :astonished:

No further update here! We have the design ready for the health checker that will help with this issue. It won’t be in the next release but we have it in the pipeline for a future firmware release.

- Updates For Dormant Topics -

:mantelpiece_clock: Wyze Sense Hub Events not showing the correct time :mantelpiece_clock:

We’re experimenting with a proposed cloud solution but can’t offer a timeline yet.

:frowning_face: Greater control over marketing pop-ups in the Wyze app :frowning_face:

No further update for this one yet. We’re working on a toggle for improving control over marketing messages in the Wyze app. We’re also working on auditing what we send and when as well as a duplicate data cleanup initiative that will help ensure that messages sent to folks are more relevant to them. We’ll provide more information as we move forward.

Thank you, everyone! We hope you enjoy your weekend. Come back next week for more Fix-It Friday!


Can you go into more detail? What exactly isn’t displaying correctly?

I’m using an iPhone 8 and I have a camera group of 7 cameras and I’m not having any issues.

I’m using the 2.40.0(15) IOS app

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I’m not entirely sure it is a known systemic issue currently. The thread you referenced is a very old wishlist request from late 2021 that has had no activity since that time. I believe it may have been posted due to a firmware issue that may have present back then but has since been resolved. There haven’t been any reports of the behavior since then. This may have just been a one off occurance for you. You can test it by forcing your hub to battery and then removing power from your router. Plug them both back in and see if it will regain network connectivity. As you indicated, you have had the hub successfully reconnect before.

The sensors do not connect via WiFi. They connect only to the hub using an RF signal. If you were seeing that your sensors were online in the app, then the hub had to be online as well.

There were some reports on Reddit that the grouped cams did not show correctly on the screen, we do not know exactly what they mean which is why we are looking for screenshots for anyone that has this issue.