Sense hub automatic online restore after electricity goes out

Whenever there is an electricity interruption, my sense hub goes off-line. I then have to reinstall and go to each device on every window, door etc. and reconnect each one (16 different devices for my situation). This is it time consuming and annoying. It also causes issues because this is a vacation home and I cannot always be there to re-install all of the monitoring devices if/when the electricity goes out. I am hoping that Wyze will make improvements so that the Hub comes back online automatically when electricity is restored and re-establishes all previous connections. This is what my alarm system does at my other house. Thank you

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I’m about to order a security system. Now when you say “reinstall” the base, what does that mean? I went ahead and voted because of course it should work after an interruption of electricity.

You have to reset the base and reconnect all the devices one by one (through the app).

This has happened multiple times And it was always after there was an electricity interruption (I.e., the power went out, the plug was accidentally unplugged, etc)

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Yikes! That’s not fun! I thought I remember their saying the hub had some battery in case of outage? I’m curious if you mean when power might fluctuate and flicker out for a second, or if it’s during proper outages for several minutes or hours. And do you know or think is it because the hub lost power, or is it because WiFi lost power? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just trying to understand what I’m getting myself into.

I assumed it was the electricity interruption itself that caused it to go offline, but it could very well have gone offline when the Wifi lost power due to the electricity interruption. I am going to double check the hub device to be sure there are batteries in it.

I found the below info on Wyze’s website. I still think they need to make improvements to allow the Hub and connected devices to go back online automatically for whatever reason it goes offline. I do not have this issue with the alarm system I have in my primary home.

Does Wyze Home Monitoring have battery backup?## Yes, though your system may still go offline during an outage.

Wyze Sense Hub does include battery backup. But if your network goes offline during a power outage your system will still go offline.

Tip: Get a backup Emergency Power Supply (EPS) or Universal Power Supply (UPS) to connect to your router to make sure your system stays online and functional during any potential outage.

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I agree it should be able restart itself with minimal intervention… We’ve only had full power outages twice, but I have been considering a ups for WiFi and all the connected nonsense I have going on now… Guess it’s a good excuse to pull trigger.