Home Monitoring Issue

Every time our electricity flickers off then back on our Wyze home monitoring system goes offline and the only way to get it back online is to delete everything from the app and set it up like you first did when you received it. I don’t know why the backup power is not working when the lights go out. When I unplugged it before I had to re set it up again it said backup power activated I have contacted Wyze about the issue and they don’t seem to know what’s causing it looking for help elsewhere. Thanks

Have you tried a power cycle of the hub? Unplug the power and hold the setup button until it shuts off then plug it back in. You shouldn’t need to reset it.

Yes I have tried everything that I could think of

My battery backup doesn’t work either. I’m on my third hub and that one doesn’t work either. You might want to look into getting a replacement hub. Although that may not work either. I think they may have a design or manufacturing issue.

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Have to agree with @Baldeagle69 regarding possible manufacturing problem. My hub is now going offline randomly and when I unplug the power cord to reset it, it simply shuts down immediately. When I plug it back in the hub functions normally for awhile. Seems that it might have something to do with losing internet connectivity on mine.

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Thanks Wyze should send me a new one since it’s there issue