Wyze Home Monitoring System - Sense Hub (v4.32.3.183)

My current firmware version is which is listed as the latest firmware to date.

Since receiving the product (ie. over the course of a multiple updates) I was unaware the system apparently has a battery backup feature built in. I have had a number of power outages recently for a variety of reasons… but each and every time, once power is restored (usually within seconds and not more than a couple of minutes) the hub fails to connect to the Wifi. In order to reconnect, I would have to unplug the hub, press the reset button (since the lights were cycling rapidly even unplugged… never put two and two together that it must have a battery backup)… and completely re-add the hub to the app, after which all previously added sensors are restored after a period of around 30 min.

Note: when the lights are cycling rapidly, it doesn’t matter if I unplug the unit and press reset (which fully powers it down) or leave it plugged in and simply hit reset… I always have to manually re-add it in the app. Unrelated, I currently have an beta integration wit the HMS in Home Assistant, and every time there is a power loss, the sensors continue reporting their last known status until I manually re-add the hub, after which everything returns to normal.

At this point, I believe there may be a firmware issue, as the battery backup is obviously present (the lights continue to cycle when unplugged, but it loses it’s Wifi connection and does not reconnect when AC is restored). Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

The current firmware version of mine is It exhibits one aspect of the above scenario. When I unplug the hub, the lights start rapidly flashing and the app reports the hub is offline. Once it is plugged back in, it automatically connect to my wifi and returns to normal. But I was surprised to see that happen as I would assume the battery inside would keep it alive as advertised. This is my second hub; the first one did not do that - but it did not have this software on it.

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