Power Outage with Home Monitoring Service

I just installed the Home Monitoring Service for my Mom. She lost power today when she wasn’t home and panicked that if she entered her house, the system would re-arm when the power came back on and dispatch the police.

I called Wyze and they told me when you lose power, the system will return to its current state when the power returns.

Can Wyze update the system so that if power is lost, when it returns, it arms in “Home” rather than “AWay”. This way, if the person enters their home when the power is out, and it returns, the motion detectors won’t trigger the alarm.

Returning the system to the last state is the best option. Since the use of motion sensors in the Home or Away state is a user defined variable, it wouldn’t meet all users needs to default it to a state that was not active when the power failed.

The Sense Hub does have a battery backup for short power outages. I’m not sure how long that is rated for, but the system can be operated locally when there is an outage. The keypad and sensors will still work so long as the hub is still on battery backup.

It won’t register an alarm with Noonlight, but it can still be disarmed and armed via the keypad.

One solution for redundant systems I have employed is installing a dedicated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) aka a Battery Backup.

I have my modem (fiber), WiFi Router, and Hub plugged into the UPS. When I experience a power outage, I have several hours of protection and working WiFi until that battery fails and the Hub battery kicks in.