Power outage detector

Not sure if this is the right place. I would really love something to tell me when the circuit breaker that goes to my garage freezer trips. Having lost 2 freezers full of food in the past 3 years, I looked for something to tell me when there’s no power to it, but I haven’t found anything yet. Any chance you guys would consider something like that?

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Interesting idea. Would be nice to have anything that said the power was absent, and for how long, if it was restored! Voted. :slight_smile:

Power Outage Alert!

I am looking for a way to be notified (when I am not home) that the power went out. Just knowing a device went offline itself would be helpful but the real alert is if the house power went off. I have looked for 3rd party solutions and found other video doorbells that monitor for this but it makes total sense to have this added as a feature. The Outdoor Cams and Sense Hub are battery powered so if the power went out they would be on but loose connection.
I could see this being a Cam Plus subscription feature for current devices. They always phone home to Wyze but then when they are down (especially as a group of many on 1 home) send an alert!

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I’d like someone to clarify how this might work. If you lose power, all of your Wyze devices, router etc. would go offline unless you have a UPS which would mean they weren’t offline. Would you have some remote system monitor for loss of connection? I know I sometimes get VERY late alerts from Amazon Alexa for mass devices going offline from linked services, but it isn’t immediate.

If you really want to know if you lost power to your home you need something monitoring the main feed. My power company offers text notification of outages:

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I second checking into whether your power company offers outage alerts, although those being fast and accurate typically depend on whether they are using smart meters or not.

For situations where that is not a viable solution, I wonder if any UPS maker has an internet connected UPS that one could attach to their modem/router/gateway that could send a notification of whenever the UPS was activated and running on battery power (indicating an outage).

Keep in mind even this would depend on one’s ISP not being affected by the same power outage. I have cable internet, and I’ve found it always seems to still be up, at least for the time my UPS lasts.

APC has software for Windows for their UPS systems. I use NUT on linux for the same thing. Both will send email alerts, as long as they have access to an internet connection.

Have you looked at sensors that monitor the temperature in the freezer and send alerts if it becomes too warm? I have some I use, not for a freezer but a walk-in cooler we use for our homeade wine. They send alerts if the temperature gets above a pre-set limit.

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That’s a good thought…

Not speaking for @mikendrea, but I have the understanding her issue was the circuit with the freezer tripped, not a whole home outage. Probably needs another breaker installed for the freezer… :electric_plug::zap:

This is the sensor I use…I have the subscription for alerting but I think it was something like $12 a year.

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So there is a risk this gets buried because it’s not in the main post but let’s Pitch a Product!

Wyze should take their indoor power plug and turn it into a power outage detector. All the circuitry is there, just need some alerting.

This could be a nice bridge product to the ideal power outage detector – a Wifi/GSM device that talked to the other Wyze devices directly to determine their status and alerted the user on failure. That would be very cool.

In the meantime:

  1. Take Wyze indoor plug, 2. remove outlet (if it saves money) and 3. give it the power to talk and monitor other Wyze devices at the same location. 4 … 5 Profit.

In seriousness, for the here and now the basic question is usually:
A. Is my stuff still connected? (if it’s connected it must have power)

That’s it. So use that hardware and give us power outage detection!

This seems so simple to me that I feel like I missing some complicating factor. Power outages are awful and disruptive, they seriously compromise the effectiveness of any of the security elements. Knowing when they happen would be really helpful.

For the sake of completeness… That ideal product would have a small battery backup (10 minutes?) to provide basic status information over GSM for a short time after a power outage starts. Sure, there are plenty of bespoke solutions out there but if Wyze could pull off a relatively cheap option (the GSM piece probably means it’d need to have an ongoing subscription, maybe a cam plus pro feature).

Done right, it’d be really cool.

Actually this is a great point and makes me wonder could they get to part of this solution with existing hardware today?
A camera, doorbell, power outlet, bulb, sense hub, etc… If they are all connected to power then it would be a flag/alert if they lost power. Then if you have multiple devices you could say only when more than 5 devices lose power at the same time then Alert etc.
This should be something that could be done today. They may already have a health check status running in their API that I’m unaware of.
Step 2 is what is the notification and how is it sent without power. 1 option is to sell a new alarm device that only turns on with this power loss health check failure. Option 2 (without cell service) is have the health check status reporting to the Wyze App we already use. When it drops the connections after X time show notification on device!
And for those with HMS Sense Hub that has a small battery or outdoor cameras they could ping home to confirm if there is an outage.
This could be a huge advantage to using the ecosystem and a very small investment for the company. :+1:

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Can you develop a sensor that alerts you when the fridge or freezer stops working? I have had this happen and it is expensive losing all the food as well as a mess to clean up.

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Having lost a freezer as well I would like see a similar utility.

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