Refrigerator / Freezer Temperature Sensor

I would like to see Wyze innovate with a long-life (lithium?) battery powered sensor specifically designed for refrigerator and/or freezer monitoring. It might include a light sensor as well as temperature and humidity sensors. The key here is alerting when the temperature or humidity is outside of the high and low thresholds. Maybe the sensor can be stuck inconspicuously on the inside, but easily removed, with a user replaceable battery. This product could save hundreds of dollars avoiding spoiled food. Extra credit: tell users whether the food is still likely safe or not based on the time and temperature.
As a bonus this could also be used outdoors for freeze, temperature and humidity sensor. Our community will find all sorts of uses.

Add a water sensor for multi purpose and high value.

I have something similar, but in an indirect way. There is a sensor I put in my refrigerator that activates a very shrill alarm when the light level is high for more than 5 minutes. I’ve had this for years. Closing the door turns off the light, which turns off the alarm.

It so happens that a nearby Wyze camera sends me a notification when it hears that alarm going off.

Can you provide details on the light sensor?

I’m sure that I bought it on Amazon, but I can’t find it there. Here is a link that Google found for me.

There is a big market for a temperature data logger.
Temp range should be wider for all purposes.
QA/QC always wants to have temp logger for checking food quality.
It would be nice if we can use amazon server for sharing temp log data.

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Thanks for the request! And while we are working on a temperature sensor it won’t really work for your use case. The issue is that fridges/freezers prevent the Sensor from communicating with the Bridge. So while it’s a great use case, we are going to first tackle the more general temperature/humidity sensor. But thanks again for the idea and keep them coming!


Winter is coming… to coin the phrase. Any timeline of Wyze temperature sensor. I need to place a couple sensors in 2nd home. I would prefer to stay with Wyze as common platform, however timing will be the determining factor.

Thank you.


Simple solution: a plug-in temperature probe on a thin, flexible cable. This would be preferable in many use cases to monitor a specific location and allow the main device to be in another location or plugged in rather than solely battery operated. A backup battery would be critical though, for continuous data logging.


Speaking of sensors…it would also be nice (for me at least) to monitor the temperature of various places in my house. Example…I would like a remote thermal sensor in my main refrigerator, garage refrigerator, basement mini fridge, and garage deep freezer. This would alert me in case of power outage, or temperature change (freezer getting too warm, etc. Some would say that this may not be related to HVAC thermostat, but I would argue that it is a better picture of all thermal monitoring of my home. The thermostat could be the aggregation point of all things thermal.

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I would buy 5-10 temperature sensors

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Sounds good. I do have a Zigbee based thermal sensor that sits in my mini fridge and communicates fine…maybe something to consider later.

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I have seen $10 sensors with an optional remote sensor. Amazon had one that looked like it would kinda work but bluetooth and the temp only senses when the app is running. It looks like there are some that would work but starting around $150

Is there any update on when a remote Temperature sensor will be available?


Second! Would like to buy one for our chest freezer and stick to the Wyze platform! Please advise, admin!

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Second! Would like to buy one for our chest freezer and stick to the Wyze platform! Please advise, admin!

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What if the device sat atop or on the side of the fridge and ran sensor leads into the fridge and freezer with wires? Then the signal wouldn’t be a problem and the assumingly small wires wouldn’t interfere with the seal on the doors.


Here is an option. Get an indoor/ outdoor thermometer that has the capillary tube probe for the out door temp and put that probe in the fridge. Put the display on top of the fridge and a wyze cam looking at the display. Then you can monitor both room temp and fridge temp. Lee

Please make this freezer sensor. There isn’t many on the market that work with wifi and I will be a few.

I like them on each shelf level because the temps can vary significantly. To keep some food the longest I have to keep it 33 to 37 degrees. Coldest on top and warmest on the bottom so I have to put certain foods on certain shelves. This june ,the temps change from 85 night and vary 112 to low 120s during some days. I have to change the temp control manually sun up and sun down to keep the temp constant. This is just the start of summer. Any way to have it change my refers temps automatically?

Thing is,I find the shelve level temps are all different.Some foods need different temperatures to last. Depending on the food and the ambient temp. I have to move some to different shelves due to the larger temp spread in the warmer season .