Freezer temp monitoring

I’m looking for a product to monitor the temperature of my freezers but the lowest temp on the room sensors is 32. Does anyone have any experience using them for this? Will they work thru the freezer itself?

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No. They are not suitable for the freezer. The freezer exceeds their temp range limitations. It will also drain the batteries in a matter of days.

Also, the Room Sensors are designed to be paired with the Wyze Thermostat. Putting one in a freezer will cause an error in the logic that allows the Room Sensor to be used when averaging the house sensed temp.

The Wyze Climate Sensor, which requires the Wyze Sense Hub, has the same temp range and battery limitations.

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Until Wyze announces one this might be your best bet.

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Don’t hold your breath. Unless they figure out a way to put a Cam in the freezer with a thermometer in it, it isn’t going to happen.


Yolink has devices specifically designed for this. Wyze would do well to copy or acquire them as I have said in the quarterly surveys.


Wyze has clearly communicated that their focus into the foreseeable future will be Cams and AI. All other R&D has been cancelled.

Well thats a pain… and running to shop… to purchase stuff right now… hold…get your hands off my stuff ! ! ! :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: (Shades of Cabbage Patch doll riots! :slight_smile: ) Step away from (censored) and you live to click another day! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

What more can they do with cams??? Honestly???

The newly release Doorbelll Whizo… has an INSECURE SD card (thats not my biggest gripe or the deal breaker!) , NO 5GHZ, doesn’t work with existing chimes.. (Look I get it that some of you have existing doorbell chimes of some form that you would like to reuse… I get it… then have that dodad to control those as an option. I have NOT had one for nearly 15 years… long before Ring, and Wyze were even glimmers in some ones eyes! :slight_smile: )

I’d have jumped all over the new doorbell with the SD card, but the chime thing is a deal breaker. period. Even considering I’ve had the Doorbell I got sitting for probably close to ONE YEAR… Got on BF or something deal… I’ve got life, projects that were way ahead of this… :slight_smile:

And their AI… I will at this point, either they need to stop and 1000000% focus on that… or STOP. Period. Full Stop. I vote Just drop it… I am pretty close to pulling one cam from the AI BS, as its not up to snuff honestly… I literally would have to reduce the zone detection to near useless to cut off the AI and hope that its the AI when I pull it from CamPlus and let the camera only do its detecting…

There are far more things more important to work on

Rules/Schedules/Triggers what ever you want to call them. A BONE SIMPLE duh trigger/rule is that if there is motion from the doorbell the CHIME MAKES A SOUND! DUH!!?! Ring does this.. this a must and a no AI brain required. I’ve got Alexa Echo Show doing this, but the delay in this… is questionably acceptable… questionably.

Alexa integration that works OR REMOVE IT! At least on the doorbell to show the screen on ding dong… No I do not have a phone/tabled welded to me to use VOIP call etc… Matter of fact BOTH my phoneS (YES S) and tablet for wyze are buried under some pile of stuff in the bedroom some where… the tablet may even be dead! Who knows… You got it I am old! :slight_smile: :wink:

Next more important… SENSORS

Combustible gas
NC/NO contact compatible sensor
Glass Breakage

Yes I am aware of the cameras doing T3/T4 alarm detecting. I don’t want to get into this debate/discussion… Lets just leave it there I am aware of this and the glass breakage detection which is part of CamProtect ?? I see the option its greyed out…

Honestly I don’t think you can do much more with cams v. what they have now…

THIS!!! I strongly, STRONGLY SUGGEST YoLink!

I did this with my spare freezers and fridge units…Be sure to get the SPEAKER HUB so you can HAVE LOCAL AUDIBLE ALERTS! You can set the speaker hub to play any sound you give it… klaxons etc… as well as alerts via email etc… That don’t cut it for me… Defcon 1 mode… WHWOWOWOWOWOWO TEMP ALARM WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

Going to put one on the mail box to alert when the mail comes…



I have been using a Wyze Climate Sensor to monitor my refrigerator temperature since June (this year). It does report temperatures below 32. Upper 20’s is the lowest I’ve seen when I had turned my fridge thermostat down too low. Not sure exactly how low it will report. The battery is holding up well so far although I know the low temps will kill the battery much sooner than normal.

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I think most low temperature monitoring suggests lithium batteries…they hold up better.

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