Wyze Climate Sensor v2 Ideas

Does wyze have a device that can monitor the temp inside a freezer? It would be important to know if a freezer ever has a significant temp change. When my last freezer went out I didn’t know it until all the meat had spoiled. Had I known temp Was rising I could easily have moved contents to kitchen freezer.

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Hate to keep plugging other vendors, but YoLink has a solution for this:

Climate sensor with remote wire sensor

Would be great if you could put a remote wire on your temp sensor. Then I could put the temp sensor in a bucket of water, inside a freezer, cooler, or other room, and still be able to get the data without having to expose the electronics of the wyze climate sensor to the water or temperature.

I’d love it if I could put the sensor in a tank of water that I need to heat to a certain temp. Once temp threshold is triggered, it could automatically trigger a wyze plug or any other device.

This would also make it so that your actual sensor device doesn’t have to be waterproof, or freeze-proof, etc. Just put the remote wire sensor in the thing to be measured. Easy peasy (LIKE ALL TEMP SENSORS!!).



You mean something like this:

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Cabled temp sensor, like cabled moisture sensor?

One of the places most likely to cause flooding damage is where the pipes for one bathroom run through an exterior wall. It would be nice to be able to run a temperature sensor next to those pipes, so I could see a freezing risk developing before the pipes burst, but I’d need to be able to replace batteries. A probe on the end of a cable, like the one that plugs into the water sensor, would be a good solution here.

Expose it for Alexa and IFTTT, and it could even control a switch unit, acting as a thermostat for a pipe heater.

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Include the dewpoint temperature as an output. It takes into account the temperature and relative humidity and is a better metric for monitoring humidity than relative humidity alone

I saw this as well. Just wanted to wait until Wyze creates one so it works with the whole Wyze ecosystem and no need for new apps or additional hubs.

Dewpoint temp can be calculated from temperature and humidity. (Any of the three can be derived given any two of the others.)

Of course. It would be useful as a built in value so events (say a fan controlled by wyze plug) could be triggered based on dewpoint

Temperature Sensor that has a probe that can be used in Hot Tubs, Refrigerators, Freezers Fish Tanks etc

Have a need to monitor the temperature of things like Hot Tub, Refrigerators, Freezers and Fish Tanks.

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Like this one:

Yes it is like the one you have mentioned but will work with the wyze dashboard

Outdoor climate sensor

I’d love to have an outdoor climate sensor to automate switching between 2 different heating systems I have, based on outdoor temperature.

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Outside air temperature and humidity

It would be nice to have a Wyze device that can tell us what the outside air temperature and humidity is so we can use it in rules. For instance I have large heating pads on front and back porch and if the outside air temperature is below 55 deg f I would turn on the heating pads and if the outside air temperature is above 60 deg f I would turn the heating pads off with the outdoor plugs.

I imagine there could be their uses for people with Wyze thermostats that would switch heating and cooling modes based strictly on outside air temperature or humidity or even enthalpy.

Another option would be to incorporate local weather site access into the Wyze app and based on our zip code we could use the local weather conditions for the rules.

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Expanded temperature range request

Please expand the temperature range capability of the Climate Sense so it can be used in a freezer… 0 degrees F or -20C

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While an expanded temp range might be useful, it wouldn’t be practical.

The batteries would drain incredibly fast in a freezer and they would not be effective. Battery operated Gagets do not like sub-freezing temps. This is why most IoT Freezer Temp Sensors are outside with a wired probe running inside.

There is another current Wishlist request that deals with this as well. To support it, follow the link, Vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post with ideas and use case description.

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After making the suggestion to Wyze to improve the climate sensor I found the Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer battery operate sensor works perfect for my freezers. It has been 8 months since I installed the Govee sensors. My freezers maintain a -10 to -15 f temperature and I have not had to change the batteries yet. I just checked and the sensors report about 50% battery remaining.

I think the reason the Govee performs so well is their use of the venerable AAA battery rather than the CR2450, which spec should go down to -4F, but apparently doesn’t.

Just bought the Govee’s, we’ll see how they do….

Just purchased the Govee thermometers which use the venerable AAA battery instead of the CR2450, which spec states should go down to -4F, but apparently doesn’t. We’ll see how they do…

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