Refrigerator / Freezer Temperature Sensor

i need/want one for each shelf. They each vary in temp enough from each other to effect shelf life of certain fruits,vegetables , leafy green ,fish,cheese. and other fragile foods.

I bought an indoor/outdoor thermometer and put the outdoor sensor in the fridge the put my wyze camara looking at the I/O display. I had it so the front door was in the background. This way I have an eye on our winter home in Arizona from our summer place in Minnesota.

Put a probe on it. Lacrosse has them but they are pricey. And their monitoring fee is exorbitant!

Lacrosse has them. I have several for two homes.

Thanks, But do they have alarms and with over the internet?


Yes they have alerts but their plans are very pricey. Like $11 per device.

I monitor a collection of devices at 2 properties each day from within their mobile app. Each property has 6-7 devices for either temp/humidity or wet/dry/temp applications.

I do it manually which is no big deal opening the app because I’m too cheap to pay for their push notifications.

Each gives the device ambient temp plus the probe data. Alert thresholds can be set easily.

Wyze needs to do some product research. I know many people who have winter and summer homes who would buy them.

I was checking to see if the Wyze Climate Sensor could be used in a refrigerator or freezer.

The simple answer appears to be NO.

I’m going to check the specifications. Here is the relevant one:
Operation Temperature: 32°F—104°F (0°C—40°C)

Since a residential freezer should be lower than 32 F, it shouldn’t be used in one. I might try it in my refrigerator, but the signal might be blocked.

I am using Wireless Sensor Tags in my refrigerators and freezers and they are working great. It is another hub and small tags and is designed to penetrate the insulation and metal.

The prices are reasonable and you can monitor them from your phone or desktop.

Environmental specifications typically mean “We won’t provide warranty support if these ranges are exceeded” rather than “Will fail instantly or quickly if you go outside this range”.

After all, there have been plenty of people using Wyze v2 cams outdoors without failure, and that is definitely outside their environmental specs.

The battery used is a lithium metal battery (CR2032), so that shouldn’t have an issue with the temperature. Both my the sensor (AcuRite) for my freezer and my Blink cameras specify lithium metal batteries (Energizer Lithium AA) for their low temperature tolerance.

The radio frequency used is 915 MHz vs. 433 MHz for my purpose-built freezer sensor. Clearly 915 MHz wouldn’t penetrate as well, but given that back when I had a 900 MHz cordless phone it would work outside at a long distance from my mobile home (metal siding, metal underpinning, metal roof, even aluminum blinds in the windows) with several other mobile homes between, I expect this reaching the base within a relatively short distance from inside a freezer likely wouldn’t be an issue.

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Are these the Wireless Sensors that come in a 3-pack from Wyze? If not, from where?

I suspect they are referring to these:

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I have one inside a stainless steel refrigerator. Signal has to pass through the fridge, 1 floor and 2 walls to get to the hub. It’s been working fine for the past 4 weeks.

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Good idea, but it wouldn’t automatically alert you. You’d have to remember to check it yourself, everyday. :slight_smile:

WyzeMike, A couple of days ago, on a hot Texas day, I found my garage freezer, door, cracked open about 2 inches and frozen pizzas were limp and the meat at the front of the freezer was warm. Blood running down my garage floor. Luckily for us, my wife wanted to make taco meat, so I went out to the garage freezer to fetch some. If not for that simple request, we would’ve lost about $3000 worth of the best looking marbled meat I’ve ever seen, a few vegetables, and some prepared frozen goodies. As it is, we lost about $500 worth of goods. I know the market is not as large for this item as for the room temperature sensor, but folks who have invested in Wyze products, need this capability. There are a few other platforms out there that have no problem w/communication thru the freezer walls. Here’s a link to one of them:
Please make this a priority. Thank you very much for considering this. Good day!!!

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NecroReply to posts 1 to 3 years old, not sure if you’ll get a response?

I keep posting this, even though it isn’t by Wyze, if you want a working solution now:

I have some news I put one of my temp sensors into one of my freezers and it work great just doesn’t go down low enough in temperature. I think I will modify it because in afraid of having the battery running down at 0F. The sensor is about 50 foot away from the base station inside a stainless steel commercial freezer.

Hello I would like to see a temperature sensor with a wired probe. My business uses many freezers and coolers. I would like to keep watch on my temps and set alerts for changes. Thank you!