Power outage notifications? Wyze cam

After I have my wyze cams securing the house. I’m worried given my circuit breakers are outside, that a intruder simply needs to cut power to house and I’ll never know of intrusion.
Does armed wyze cams notify of power outage or notify of unrecorded time

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No they do not. However, if this is something you’re really worried about you can always buy a few inexpensive uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

I have a UPS on all of my internet and switching gear as well as a separate UPS for my WYZE Outdoor Cam base. I don’t care if my wired cams inside my place lose power. As long as my internet equipment is up and my WOC base is up I’ll be notified if anyone is trying to enter through any doors or windows from the outside. With or without power.

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Using a UPS is really helpful during occasional power outages in my neighborhood. I think I paid less than 50 bucks at Walmart for a 600 volt amp UPS. It has provided about one and a half hours of service during power outages. Devices plugged into that UPS include the cable modem, the router, the network switch, and one wyze cam. If I had more money I would buy a more capable UPS.

You can get 750VA ones for cheap/free from some local businesses sometimes, because when the battery dies, they’d rather just buy a new ups than buy a new battery. New batteries generally run between $20 and $35, depending on the model

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I would still ask wyze to help track which cams were off and for how long. No subscription, it sends a offline message, subscription, then it could say how long it was for.

Putting an UPS on every camera is a bothersome fix, although putting the modem and WiFi on it, I’d understand that.

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That would be a nice feature. Maybe add it to the wishlist?

If continuous recording is enabled, you can determine the length of the power outage by reviewing Playback and the gap in therein. Which occurred to me last week during severe weather that knocked out electricity for half an hour.

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That’s if your SD cards aren’t taken or you aren’t gone longer than 3 days.

I think if they want to get in, they get in. These systems DIY systems are not tamper proof.
I would think they’d first cut the cable service to the house. But hopefully by then you would have gotten the event notice of the video of a person walking around the home and were able to call the police in time.