Feature request: power out/connection lost

I have my Wyze am on my houseboat. I got it due to a nosy neighbor boarding when I’m gone. He has taken to disconnecting my power. Although I am looking for a battery backup in addition to the memory card I would love if the app would notify me after reconnecting or disconnecting for done period of time In my case I would lose wifi and/or the camera.

This would be an important security measure to know I had an outage of either lower or connection. It may be solvable by simple software update to the app.

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The requested feature has been previously requested and is on the #wishlist currently.

Follow the link, vote for it at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts around, and add your own reply post at the bottom if you are in the mood.


Sorry you are having a problem with your neighbor. I don’t know of a Wyze feature that will immediately resolve this need.

But my real reason for this post is to share a thought. Eight or so years ago a co-worker had a similar problem. He solved his with just printing out some paper. He wrote down what Siri’s answers were to his main question, and left the paper on his neighbor’s gangway. The questions was: Hey Siri, where’s the best places to hide a body when you live on a boat in a marina?

Can’t help with the internet AND power going down. But this might keep the camera running (maybe even a router):


You’d think a guy would understand that every fishing boat has a bunch of knives I don’t mess with fisherman!

I will be satisfied catching him on camera and having him ejected from the marina !

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