Power Loss Notifications

We currently have two cameras to monitor my mother in her apartment at her request. We are considering purchasing additional cameras to cover our main home. We have young grandchildren living with us now and expect that they will be here as they grow to become teenagers. Thinking about all the possible scenarios; is there a notification available to let us know the power to the camera was loss? I looked through the app and couldn’t find a notification like that.

No, there is not a way to have a Wyze camera report a power failure. Keep in mind that for a device to report a power failure it has to have backup power and be able to detect that it’s primary power source failed. Also, your WiFi and internet needs to stay operational in order to report it to you.
Being able to report a power failure is more involved than most people think about.
I can tell what I do at home, but it is involved.


See this wishlist item.

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The wishlist idea is what I was looking for. The wording I used didn’t convey the thought I had. Thanks for the responses.

Be careful what you ask for - you may get it. Do you really want hundreds of notifications per day, each because one camera lost connectivity for a few seconds?