Power monitoring

How can I use Wyze to monitor my power while I am away? Just want it to alert me if the power goes off.

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The EASY and OBVIOUS way to do this would be to have the Wyze app alert you whenever a camera drops offline, thus indicating a loss of power to the cam and/or internet router. Unfortunately Wyze does not currently offer this very standard surveillance camera feature. :rage:

It has been much requested and much discussed in the following Wishlist thread on this forum. So the first thing you can do is please UpVote this item at the top of the thread.


Other than that, there are any number of workaround kludges you could set up, some discussed in that thread.

One quick idea might be to have the cam and the router both on a UPS so they will work for awhile after a power failure. Have the cam aimed at a light bulb that is always on. When the light goes out you should get a motion alert. But this pretty much dedicates the cam to that one purpose. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Another way to achieve this alert is, if you have a Windows PC always running at the location, to use a CyberPower UPS.

They have free Power Panel Personal software for their reasonably priced consumer models which will send you an email alert immediately when power is lost. It will also shut the PC down in an orderly fashion if you wish.

Other brands may do so as well, but I believe that the very well known APC brand currently offers their PowerChute software only with much more expensive commercial products.

But in either case the UPS is telling you when the Wyze cam is down, and not vice versa… :confounded:

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You have & :+1: ?

I hadn’t looked at them for a long time and the price of the lower end stuff seems to have fallen to within a stone’s throw of the mid/upper-range surge protector/power “strips.”

At any rate, good tip!

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