Fix-It Friday 10/6/2023

How am I supposed to create a support ticket? At the bottom of that support page, the “support ticket” link actually just opens a chat bot, and no matter how much I try the most I can get it to do is connect me to an agent. Can you provide a direct link to open a ticket?

Or, the subtext for the Submit Ticket button (which is part of the same link and still opens the chat bot) states, “Send us an email with a few extra details about your issue and we’ll get back to you ASAP.” - can you just provide that email? I’m trying to submit MACs to get this Pan V3 issue resolved.

Edit: If you go directly to:

You can see the support form pop up for a split second before the chat bot appears on top of it. Even when minimizing the bot, you now only have a link to open it again. I’m sure I could use developer tools to bypass this and submit the form, but that’s ridiculous. Whoever handles your website has completely replaced your ticket form with the chat bot, at least for this URL, and the chat bot has not been set up to allow ticket submissions; at most, it will connect you to a live person.

Edit 2: Even when going through specific device troubleshooting, all “open a request” and even “contact us” links go directly to the bot. That is a terrible, terrible decision; the bot should be supplemental, not the gatekeeper for all communication. Seriously, gross.

edit 3: if you need a better web developer I’m pretty awesome and am looking for work, wink wink


Go to and type in the chatbox:

contact support

Then the options:

  • Yes that is correct
  • No, I want an agent
  • This is about a Product
  • Select the Product
  • Now choose either Chat, Phone, or Email (I recommend email)

Connecting to a live “Wyze Wizard” agent or completing and submitting the Email form will both result in a Customer Support Ticket being created and logged. Asking the agent to transfer the Support Case to Email will generate an email to you with the Ticket number. The Email form submission will also send you an email with the Ticket number.

That’s a bit convoluted to just submit a ticket, no? Either way, thanks for the info.

Slab, what email form? You mean within the chat bot? Because the only email form I’ve found was instantly replaced by the chat bot via (I’m assuming) JS.

Convoluted is an understatement! I agree with everything you said about the hassle that unintelligent UAI Bot creates. Worst Customer Centric decision Wyze ever made. I wasn’t advocating for its existing, only sharing how I have gotten tickets submitted in the past. I hate that bot. I usually skip all the chatting with the UAI Bot, tell it all NO, and go straight to email.

If you get to the end of the chat with the UAI Bot and it couldn’t help you or it can’t reach a human because it is after hours or too busy, it will give you an option to “Contact Support” one of the options is “Email”. Clicking that will send you to an HTML Support Email form where you type in everything you basically just told the UAI Bot.

I just did a chat and typed in “Email Wyze”. Clicked No, you didn’t help me twice, and the “Contact Support” option appeared. Clicking it brought up my options, and clicking Email brought up the Email submission page.

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Got my camera fully functional, without an update. I added a larger Power Adapter, and turned LAN IPv6 DCHP off on my router. Has worked flawlessly since for me. After weeks of almost giving up. Give it a try. I think its more the IPv6 than the power but i’m sure it helps.


To clarify, my camera has been working perfectly for the last 8 days.


I don’t currently have my Pan V3 in my position (it’s lent out to my brother), but this would explain why I never experienced the connection issues when I was using it. I have always had IPv6 DHCP turned off because there are often compatibility issues and reduced performance that come from using it with some hardware and software.

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My ISP doesn’t support IPV6 and I already have all related settings (including DHCP) disabled. One camera is using the factory power adapter and the other is using the outdoor adapter kit.

Here’s the thing - it can connect fine when it boots up, every time, without fail. It can’t reconnect once already powered on when connection is lost. Clearly if it can initially connect to a network and remain connected for a period of time, it should be able to do so again regardless of this.

Edit: I don’t know why I said “pihole” instead of camera. I had PiHole on the brain when I started thinking of DHCP.


I have always had IPv6 disabled and cam not working.


Additionally, the GS-AX3000 I’m using doesn’t even suppport IPv6 DHCP as far as I can tell, and I don’t think many consumer routers do. Why would you ever need IPv6 DHCP? The entire rationale behind IPv6 was that IPv4 addresses were created when we had no idea how many unique IPs we’d actually need in the future; that isn’t a limitation for a LAN, and for utilizing IPv6 on the internet the only device that is relevant is the router (and it’s own, singular IPv6 address) itself, or whatever forward-facing hardware you have.

Another Pan V3 log. Found it disconnected again.

Log: 1209448

1209507 and 1209511


I actively use IPv6, and my cameras generally work fine. However, my Pan v1 is schizy about reconnecting after a power failure; my modem and router are on battery backup, and as long as the battery doesn’t shut down, they generally reconnect. I had a four-minute outage this morning and everything reconnected.

But note: all my devices are on my guest network, which is 2.4GHz only, not on my 2.4/5GHz primary network. I don’t perceive that IPv6 causes any problem. If you have 5GHz running on your LAN, though, that might explain connection problems, especially with hubs for outdoor cameras.

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Again, this is a scenario where the cameras are connecting absolutely fine on boot, and simply fail to reconnect once disconnected. You guys are suggesting solutions that would be applicable if the camera was having trouble connecting in the first place. As said before, if it can connect fine at boot it should be able to connect fine again later. This is not a “router settings” issue. (Edit: I’m not saying people can’t be experiencing issues like that, but in my situation it’s not anything on my end, and for many others it appears to be the same.)

Additionally, IPv6 shouldn’t make a difference on your LAN, only WAN.

In a shocking turn of events, both cameras are down yet again. Logs:

Pan Cam V3 #1: 1210017
Pan Cam V3 #2: 1210020

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I agree… although my problems are primarily with the smart plugs. I am assuming there was some code reuse between the devices, but perhaps not… BUT, the way I experience it is that if the configured WIFI is available when the device boots (ie: after a power failure) then it works fine, but if the wifi isn’t available yet, and then subsequently becomes available, the WYZE devices will NEVER retry until they are unplugged and rebooted manually.

Log ID: 1211124

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Yes, the issue seems to be related to the “try again” aspect of connecting, either after an error occurs during the initial connection or after the connection is dropped from whatever else. It seems to “give up” on trying again when it should be continuously trying every X minutes whenever a saved SSID is available.

I submitted a Wyze support ticket for my cams. None of them are streaming. My Wyze plugs, bulbs, etc are all working fine. My Nestcams work fine. I have relinked, reset, rebooted, … and I am on current beta software on all devices.

Does anyone in :canada: Canada have Wyze cams streaming on Google Home?