Wyze app and firmware updates - Released 10/19/2023

FYI this breaks the wyze home monitoring tab completely. I have opened ticket 3395706 and submitted log 1208104

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Can you verify exactly what app version you are on, we had monitoring tab issues on the beta release but the public release today has not had those issues.


Installed the new App on my Android Phone. Everything seems to be working, including HMS, Cam Plus under Services, etc. So The issue has been resolved.

Landscape Detection Zone on BCP is functioning as well.


I am really happy that the event viewer scroll bug did not return!

This is fixed on my setup :+1:

Dark Mode splash screen added :+1:


Mine are sluggish, so far, worse than the last. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

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Keep getting update failed on my two wyze cam outdoor cam base stations. First time this has happened with any software update?? Tried multiple times and still failing to update.

What is support for user- controlled automatic updates for the base station? What kind of updates?


I think this is only the necessary firmware change to allow automatic firmware updates for WCO base station. Looks like it will need a corresponding app update too. Either that or it’s a WCO base station firmware update to allow WCO cam firmware update passthough.

Wyze has been rolling out user-controlled firmware update options for cam types for a few months now. I turned it on for this WCO cam for illustration… I normally select “off” to manually control the update process. Automatic firmware updates has been requested by the user community via wishlist. Check your cams via Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version.

WCO v1 & v2 cams (WCO base station not yet available):

Cam v3:

Cam v3 Pro:


Thanks for the reply. I will not be using the auto update feature. I even have auto updates for iOS updates and the iOS app store turned off. I’m just :chicken: :rofl:


I have 1 of 5 WCO cams set to auto update just to test this thing out. No updates available to test this though. I’d flash back to previous version just to test it, but need some specifics from Wyze before messing with it.

I found the setting and it is turned on by default so I turned it off for now. I may get brave in the future but I don’t want to brick the :raccoon: 's toys. :grin:

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That’s understandable. My critterCams are also set to not auto-update. :+1:

I am not seeing the Automatic Update option on my v3 cameras on Cam Plus Lite. Can anyone verify if this option is only available when using Cam Plus?

It should not be tied to Cam Plus that I am aware of but probably requires the up to date app and firmware.


:astonished: :astonished: :sob: I thought it was just for the WCO but I see it for my V3 Cams and the V3 Pro also. Now I have to turn the rest of the Auto updates off. And yes I have Cam Plus. Device info > Firmware>


This is no bueno

All the Cams are defaulted to Auto Update Firmware On?

  • Without any global toggle available in the bulk update page to turn them all off with one setting?

  • Without any Pop-up when updated that asks the user if they want firmware auto updates on or off?

Carnac the Magnificent is calling it now. Most users will not realize this until it is too late and an update they don’t want is installed with negative side affects.

Is this only for cams? What about other devices?

Please Wyze, do NOT roll this feature out for ANY other devices unless you include a Global toggle in the app. So many devices.


I only have one V3 Pro, 4 Version one WCO and Base/ and 4 V3 cams. Hope I didn’t forget any. I like to wait and see if firmware updates have had bad effects on other users before I get brave enough to try. I always check for Forum after updates and wait a few days until the dust settles. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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I just checked all mine. I am only finding it on the V3 and V3 Pro. My VDBv1, PanV1, PanV3, and FLP cams are not showing it.

If you’ve been participating in beta, auto-updates has been out there for months for some cam types. I posted something about auto-update testing in one of the beta release topics.