Wyze app 2.44 - Released 8/1/2023

We’re releasing Wyze app 2.44 today with support for Wyze Battery Cam Pro, dark theme for livestream and Event Detail pages, PiP for the pro floodlight and battery cam, the ability to add doorbells to camera groups, and bug fixes!

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Android. Subscribed to Cam Plus Lite.

Events. Person filter button at top left of Events List cannot be deselected. If enter Filter section, Person (under Cam Plus Only section) cannot be deselected. If Clear All at top right of section, Person IS deselected - but CANNOT BE RESELECTED, neither in the Filter section nor via button at top left of Events List.

The only way I’ve found to display those Events tagged Automation is to deselect Person and Motion via the buttons at top left of Events List, which then displays ALL Events, as far as I can tell. It was working in v.previous.


Deselecting the Person filter button at top left of Events List works fine in 2.43.5 (313) Android on CPL.

Waiting to see if the Playback button takes you to the correct part of the SD card timeline on iOS App 2.44.



Separate but related behavior:

In 2.43.5 (313) and prior versions, if I entered the App via selecting an Event Notification, the Person filter button at top left of Events list was a bigger button with a + on the left.


It was not deselectable.

If I then exited and reentered the app, the Person filter button at top left of Events list was smaller, no + sign on the left, and it could be deselected/selected freely.


I only see the larger ‘button +’ in Exiting/reentering, force stopping, clearing cache, reinstalling, has no effect in restoring the smaller.

Also, shouldn’t the 3rd button “Cameras” always be green and list the number of cameras you have?

Does this app update fix the camera group issues ? @WyzeJasonJ

Good question, I don’t know, maybe it will make a difference. Trying…

Nope. If no cams are selected it displays Events from ALL cams, same as if all are selected. And no change in Person filter, it is still unselectable in both places now as described above.

Thanks for the update. I think I will stay on App 2.43.5 (313) for now. Picking the lesser of 2 evils, I can deal with the Playback Timeline bug jumping to the current area more so than goofy Event buttons.

Sure! With Cam Plus Lite, as long as you don’t need to see Events tagged Automation, there’d be little reason to deselect Person as I did.

Of course they could just add Automation as an additional selection in the filter list

Is there some reason they can’t? :man_shrugging:

Updated the app

When opening the camera group of 8 v3’s , some will show “device offline” and 2 cameras will get stuck on the “loading live stream” screen.


That’s what I discovered with the previous release.


Hey Mavens.

Are any of you all Cam Plus Lite subscribers? I assume what I’ve described above is CPL-specific, not an issue with full Cam Plus? :slight_smile:


@Rulwiz @secondary_2g

The last two releases have been somewhat better in this respect for me, I swipe between a couple of 4-up screens in landscape (where the 2nd screen seemed to fail most.) Scrolling in portrait always seemed a little better.


Is it known that if background music is playing and you tap into a camera or camera group the audio is paused? iOS


iOS app here. I have a group of 8 wired cams, 7 V3s and one V2. In group mode, all cams play fine when entering. But when I call up a specific cam, I see a frozen still picture. No live stream. Further, it may be a still picture from last month. Waiting a full minute doesn’t change anything, but going into the settings and coming back gets my normal live stream. Waiting for a timeout and clicking reload also gets me my normal stream. Exiting the individual camera and then coming back starts the cycle over. All cams in the group do the same thing.

Anyone else seeing this on iOS?

I also have a group of 3 original Outdoor cams (WOCs), two V1s and a V2. On those, when I enter individual cam mode I always get stuck on “Connecting camera (1/3)” that ultimately times out to a “Connection failed (error code 0)”. When I click reload there, it always connects immediately. Again, exiting the individual camera and then coming back starts the cycle over. All cams in the group do the same thing.

Anyone else seeing this on iOS?


I definitely am seeing the first issue in iOS. I’ve been reporting this but nothin has been done


I am having the exact same problem on iOS . When I click on a camera in my group the picture is frozen. The only way to see the live shot is to click on the gear icon and then come back to the live screen. This makes the app almost unusable. I saw it immediately after the update. Im not sure how this can get thru QA. I need to find a way to revert to the previous version


Unfortunately that is near impossible on iOS, so let’s hope they put some priority into a hotfix. :slight_smile:


This update caused another problem with iOS devices. On the Events page there is no recorded video shown on the current day until I press the day button, then they show up.

Also, the picture at the beginning of this thread showing an iPhone in landscape mode with a full screen camera view, I don’t see that on my iPhone 13 Mini, I have boarders on each side. Does this not work for the 13 series?