2.46 app Android Release Candidate#2 Beta Test 10/13/2023

Version: 2.46.0.b365

What’s New:

  • Improved UX when adding cameras to camera groups

  • Fixed the bug that caused Wyze Video Doorbell to be stuck on 1/3 when entering from a camera group

  • Fixed the bug that prevented opening Instagram in the Wyze Community page

  • Fixed the crash that happened when filling in the Wi-Fi page during product setup

  • Bug fixes


I got this RC2 update! I still don’t know why I got bypassed on the RC1 app, but Google never allowed me to get it.

  • I like the Camera group UX.
  • Confirmed that Instagram opens from the community page.

Will see if I notice anything else, but everything seems stable so far.


I keep refreshing but nothing’s there to update. I’m going to be behind the times lol


:tada::confetti_ball::clap::+1: FIXED :grin:

Would love the ability to also remove cams from the group by being able to uncheck them in this new UX. “:heavy_plus_sign: / :heavy_minus_sign:

Opening cam groups is loading the Live Stream very fast. :+1:


Installed and testing. So far looking good.


FYI, over on Discord, WyzeGwendolyn explained that they do intentionally hold back a small percentage of users from getting updates every time in case they end up needing to halt a bad update. But if they do an immediate 100% release, then they aren’t given the option to pause an update. So holding a few of us back every time is actually a safeguard strategy in case they need to revoke the update for some reason:


Public Statement Source

I’ve been stuck as a hold-back percentage at least 4 times now :sob: Everyone gets the update but me. I don’t know why I am chosen as the hold back so often.
Now you get the chance to be the hold-back guy, taking one for the team. And we thank you for it. :pray:
Now you know.


What’s supposed to be different with the “Cameras in Group” setup? It looks exactly the same as it did 5 minutes ago before i updated to this latest beta.
I even pulled out my tablet (which has RC1) and it looks exactly the same.

When viewing a cam group in portrait orientation, look for the “+” icon to the immediate left of the settings icon (gear).

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ha! thats good to know, I do forget about discord. this is why I appreciate our team so much. thanks for keeping me in the loop. i’ll be the delayed reaction guy for the team lol


I am no longer experiencing the cam plus filter bug. I’m not sure if it was a direct result of the update or not as my auto update stepped in and updated the Wyze app when I wasn’t looking. I’m glad to see it’s gone though!


Android Beta App 2.46.0.b365

Cam Notifications Settings Critical Issue

When setting the Device Notifications for the PanV1, V3, PanV3 and V3Pro there is a duplication of “Other Motion Events” in the selection area:

When setting the Device Notifications for the OG S and OG T, there are NO options, just a blank screen.

When setting the Device Notifications for the VDBv1 and the FLP, the settings available appear to be correct.

I do not have other cam models to test this on.


Great find @SlabSlayer .

I can confirm this as well on my Android Pixel 7 pro running app 2.46.0.b365

@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy


Just checked iOS and I see the same issue with the OGs, but the others seem to be ok.


Interesting, on my Android (Moto edge+ 5G UW (2022) with Android system 13), on all the camera types SlabSlayer listed, I don’t get the duplicate of “Other Motion Events”, but rather it is grayed out and can not be selected. Note that on all the above camera types, notifications are turned off, so I had to enable notifications in order to see these selections at all. The only exception is the one V2 camera that normally has notifications turned on. That cameras has a normal line for “Other Motion Events” and it is checked.

On my OG-Tele I confirm the blank page for Notifications.

@SlabSlayer , I just looked again and the duplicates are gone. :slight_smile: @K6CCC is correct

Just tested all mine again. Still have duplicates and OG blank screen in the Beta App. No change.

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I see it too… only when Event Recording > All Motion Events is selected. When Event Recording > Smart Detection Events is selected, the issue is hidden.


I always have Event Recording All Motion on and I also select the AI options. I was able to confirm the duplicates.

I went back in and checked the V3, V3Pro, and Cam Pan V3 and I don’t see the duplicates anymore. Not sure why

But I do see the OG’s notification page being empty.

The last thing I did was go into my iPhone to see if the Duplicates existed which they did not. I later went back to Android and the Duplicates were gone. Could be that going into iOS corrected the duplicates.

Do either of you have an iOS device to look and see if the duplicates are there? If not check Android again.

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Confirmed. Only when All Motion Events is selected. When Smart Events is selected it defaults the single Other Motion Events to off and hides it in grey as unselctable.

After toggling the OG to Smart Events and back, it is now showing the Notification options.

No iOS here.