Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

Upgrade to new OS and code 09 errors more common than ever. My workaround was to install a 32gb micro SD card into every device so I can review the event when the code 09 appears.
Have reported and still no resolution.

Eric, I re SINC and that usually takes care of the problem for me.

| EricKoehler
July 26 |

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I just backup a step and then reopen the event or CAM.

Here’s my variation, fwiw:

What do you mean by resync? How?
Would like to give it a try!

Go to camera settings, advanced settings, scroll to bottom and select sync time.

| cgoye
July 28 |

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What do you mean by resync? How?
Would like to give it a try!

I’m over 3 months with this error on one device. Any idea on how to get this corrected?

For the doorbell… 1). Move camplus to a different cam. 2). Restart your doorbell from the app. 3). Wait until you are receiving 12 second videos. 4). Move camplus back to the doorbell. 5). Wait 5 minutes 6). Restart your doorbell from the app again. THIS RESOLVES THE ISSUE WITH THE DOORBELL ON CAMPLUS.


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I just installed the Wyzecam Doorbell and for this device and this device only the videos are giving me this error. Its random and I dont know what video will have this happen to. I had two recordings at 5pm they work, then another around 11pm, that one didnt work. Its random its its irritating. Wyze, love the product and price point you are giving us but if you dont resolve these types of issues then whats the point of using these devices even in the small way of just monitoring whos at your door or home?

I am turning off the free trail of cam plus and rebooting the doorbell to see if that fixes it.

i am having a similar problem. Did you find a fix? The power shows and the doorbell functions but the doorbell is working intermittently.

This has been going on now over 2 years, all the while they continue to collect money for Plus when it doesn’t even work and they know it. I wonder if there could be a class action lawsuit filed against them since they basically have failed to resolve the issue but continue to take everyone’s money.

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No fix here. The replacement doorbell isnt doing any better. I was not to return my old door bell so I ended up taking the cover off the USB port on the back of it and using it with a short USB cable and a iphone small brick charger as a hack to monitor my smoker when i had to step away. during the entire 8 hours smoke it never went offline. however it was in a better spot for wifi but still was outside. So im not entirely sure here if its a wifi issue with the device itself or what because it worked great where i had it

I understand you are upset. I am upset about these non resolved issues as well. However, what are you going to to get from a class action lawsuit? The fact is they make a profit, but no where near the other cam/security industries. How is that going to solve your issue? I know they are not perfect, but for what they charge, it is decent. It has gotten more pricey as they have been in the industry but class action lawsuit? [Mod Edit]

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I don’t want money [Mod Edit]

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2yrs and still no fix. It’s time to pursue a class action lawsuite. The doorbell barely worked from the start, now here we are fighting a company who has no intentions of fixing it. This is rediculous.

We should all be refunded for the faulty device we were provided as well as the stupid service that wasnt required when I first purchased it.

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Yes. They clearly sold goods that never worked and falsely listed their features.

The only thing I could do was check the day and time of the event, and then go to the SD card to view the event in its entirety. Still getting the 06 error code on my 13 cameras. Wish there was a remedy. Glad to have the SD card backup.

this started happening on half of my v3 pros this week

That helped. Did step by step all ok now. Thnaks for sharing dude :v: