Wyze Cam Plus Error 06 (Is this the new Wyze Cam Minus?)

I have many Wyze Cam v2 and one of them has Wyze Cam Plus. As of a particular date and time all of the event videos display with “Error 06” and are unviewable. This has been going on ever since it happened.

  1. Is there a known solution for this?

  2. Did it happen because I had a lot of event videos (Camera faces a birdhouse with a mother bird feeding, so every 2~3 minutes there is an event.) Is this Wyze basically deciding I was an “unprofitable” customer and providing yet one more “cool down”?

I have called Wyze [non-]support [in the Phillippines] who was polite but couldn’t actually help. We unsubscribed the camera and re-subscribed it, and I logged out and logged back in on the app, and we forced the app closed, and we rebooted my phone. We did all of the “I don’t have a clue so let’s reset everything” techniques.

Live video works just fine. Cam is on version It seems to be a cloud problem.

Any thoughts?

*Forgive my slightly annoyed tone. I’m frustrated that Wyze stuff always seems to “almost work”. They seem more focused on raising prices than on delivering reliable products at the moment.

I have been having the same issue ever since I subscribed to a free month of cam plus. I noticed that right after subscribing I would get the same error code as you and the camera would show offline on my phone when clearly it had a blue light on camera showing it was on. It has been frustrating because we have been having problems with some people and don’t like that it will not record when this offline thing happens. God forbid something happens the moment this decides to happen. I have made sent so many support logs and have not gotten one response back. Anther things I noticed that with this whole wyze cam subscription it is suppose to filter out video clips of people, vehicles and motion. The video clips inform me that most of the videos are motion when clearly it will show someone passing by and instead of letting me know it a person clip it shows as motion clip and same for when a vehicle passes. Not sure if this whole subscription to cam plus has been the cause to all this but I don’t like it

I am experiencing the same thing. Have you gotten any assistance from Wyze support on how to correct this issue?

Assistance from Wyze? Are you kidding. That very concept is an oxymoron.

Of course they have suggested that I factory reset the camera, delete it and add it back, reflash the memory of the camera, change the SD card, etc., etc. etc. I tried to explain to them that it happens on all of the cameras, and it sounds like it’s a problem in the cloud.

Then, they pass me to the next person who runs me through almost exactly the same cycle of busywork. After a week passes, they passed me to another person who once again asked me to do all the very same things that were done before.

Their customer service strategy appears to be simply one of wearing customers down, grinding them to death, and never using their brains, if they have them.

The quality of their customer service does not rise to the level of the quality of their products, and the quality of their products seems to be rather iffy.

Did you ever get past the code 6 errors on your own? Did they stop if/when you dropped Cam Plus?

Did you also ever experience the cam V3 stopping its recording to the SD card and then being unable to view previous recordings via the app. This is another issue I’m having and that is only resolved by doing a camera restart - Restart from the app or a hard power off/on.

I don’t need the Cam Plus perks IF the SD recording is working properly, but it seems to drop from that functionality at least once a day now.

Yes quite frustrated with Wyze ‘support’. They’ve seemed to stop responding after I found the ‘restart’ get around to get things working again.

Thanks for your earlier response.

I might as well add here … that long ago when I was offered a Cam Plus trial on my v2 cam that has the earlier Person Detection working well on it, I had other Issues that were never solved until the Cam Plus trial ended.

For sure - Cam Plus hasn’t impressed me with its interference with the other normal reliability of recording and ability to view play back of those events from the cloud or on the SD card.

After countless weeks and emails regarding Error06 I finally got this response from their support department:


Apologies for the delayed response.

I know how concerning it is that the Wyze Cam Events displaying Error 06. Our engineers are already aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. We really appreciate the time and efforts you have spent running through some troubleshooting steps.

Here’s what I will do: I will collate your observations and information as well as your app log for analysis and patching.

While we don’t have an update yet, our engineering team will be looking into this and we hope to see this resolved in an upcoming update.

While we don’t have an update yet, our engineering team will be looking into this and we hope to see this resolved in an upcoming update. And we have no ETA yet of the time frame.


My observation is that Wyze is one broken company. Their products and organization barely work. They are completely disconnected from the concept of quality,

Actually, I travel the world a lot. The attitude towards customers that Wyze has is very, very Chinese.

Well they make nice inexpensive cameras. But, yes, they really need to up their game when it comes to customer service.

Inexpensive Cameras that don’t work, giving “Error 06” frequently, and they are unable to fix the problem.

There is an old saying that “You get what you pay for”.

But in the case of Wyze, I am not sure this is true, even despite the low prices.

Wow, once again I see an extremely relevant thread, with zero response from the admins.

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Here’s my latest response from Wyze support - after I did a factory reset on my Cam V3 which removed the Cam Plus trial - AND resolved the issues I had with Error Codes 04, 06, and 07 AND the non functioning recording to the SD card and playback.

Without any Cam Plus service on the Cam V3 - everything is now working just fine.
Of course I had to deal with constant camera restarts and communications back and forth with Wyze ‘experts’ before I could get any resolution, simply by having the Cam Plus service removed.

We apologize for the delayed response. We appreciate you doing all those steps in retesting the device. I’ve raised the situation
to the higher tech team. We’ve found that this is an going issue and that our engineers are aware of this. We’ve been advised to wait for the new update to be release that includes a fix to this concern.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach back to us.

Getting the same errors on my cameras that have camplus subscriptions (doorbell & V3). The cameras without it are working fine!

Dear CamPlus Customer:

One of the benefits that you get by being a CamPlus customer is Error 06. This is perfectly normal and indicates that your credit card has been properly charged, or that your free trial period has started. Whenever you see Error 06 you can be assured that CamPlus is working.

Did you know that there is no limit to the number of Error 06 messages you can receive? There is no “cooldown” period…you can get an Error 06 any time you use your camera!

When we promised that for an annual charge equal to the price you paid for your camera we would remove the 5-minute cool down period we delivered. There is no longer any unadvertised, surprise gotcha with cooldown periods when you are a CamPlus customer…because nothing is ever being recorded.

And this brings us to the biggest benefit of being a CamPlus customer: Since no video is being recorded, nobody in the Chinese government is able to watch your bedroom or other videos from our servers located in China. This is part of the privacy enhancement package that all CamPlus customers with the Error 06 feature package receive.

Have a Nice Day Support Department, The Philippines


Thats FUNNY! HAHA…not funny. Code 6 stay out of area.