Doorbell no longer recording

A few months ago, I was having an issue where all my events were failed to be played with error 06.
I tried all the trouble shooting steps.
Power off/on the doorbell.
Removed and resetup cam plus.
Reset the doorbell to factory defaults.
Nothing. Support mentionned it engineers were aware of the issue and they would get back to me. Haven’t received an update since.
Fast forward to today.
The doorbell no longer even records any events.
Tried the same trouble shooting steps.
Still doesn’t record.

My doorbell is out of warranty. And for obvious reasons, I don’t want to buy another one to find out it doesn’t work. It really feels like a software issue and not hardware.

So I’m trying to get proper answers from people in the know. Is this software related and are there plans to resolve it in a timely manner? Or should I be looking at buying a competitors product and be done with this mess?

Welcome to the forum @jfmajor.

Sorry to hear of your troubles.
Couple of questions to help get started on some thoughts.

What Wyze App version are you on and what Firmware version is on the Video Doorbell?

What are your Event recording settings set at? Could you post a screenshot of them.

Also if you have a support ticket number from Wyze could you post it here as well.

App version: 2.39.0(20)

Event Recording
Schedule: All Day
Motion Detection: Enabled
Smart Detection: All Enabled
Motion Detection Sensitivity: 100
Detection Zone: Off

Support tickets: I have multiple.
Earliest is 2641356
Latest: 2809434

I’ll add a link to this post for anyone viewing this. Probably should hold off buying Cam Plus until they take this error seriously.

Quick update regarding this.
Seems like recording is now working. However, recording are stuck with the 5 minute cooldown and 12s video like Cam Plus wasn’t setup on the doorbell.
AI detection also doesn’t seem to work.
So basically working like a Cam Plus Lite subscription.
Again, tried all the trouble shooting steps. Removed and reinstalled subscription after clearing cache and rebooting both my phone and doorbell.

Still wouldn’t recommend this product.

Back to Error 06.
No video is viewable.
Cam Plus is a useless piece of trash.